Diptyque: New Baies 600g 3-Wick Candle

Baies 600g(21.2oz) 3-Wick Candle- approx. 100 hours burn time 

Left- 6.5oz/190g
Center- 21.2oz/600g
Right- 2.5oz/70g

Left- 51.2oz/1500g
Right- 21.2oz/600g

Diptyque recently released a new size in their best selling Baies(blackberry and bulgarian rose) candle. With the new candle they now offer the Baies line in the following sizes:
  • 2.5oz/$34
  • 6.5oz/$64
  • 10.2 oz/$90
  • 21.20z(600g)/$195   - New!
  • 51.2oz(1500g)/$295 - Indoor/Outdoor candle   

I've tried all of the sizes. I think the 2.5 oz works great for a small space like a bathroom or an office desk. The 6.5oz and the 10.2oz work well for medium sized rooms. Those two are my preferred size for my bedroom. The 51.20z(1500g) candle was a Christmas gift from me to me last year (here). Although the upfront cost was the most that candle lasted me over five months with regular burning and scented my entire home, so in the long run it was the most economical. I've just started burning the new 600g Baies candle and so far I love it. It's size between the 10.2oz and the 51.2oz makes it a great option to scent a larger room. I have one of those open floor plan living/dining areas and it works great for me in that space. The new Baies size also comes in a very chic matte black porcelain container that will be fun to repurpose. 

I don't know if this new size is going to be a limited edition offering. The 3 Wick 600g/21.2 oz candle was originally available only at Diptyque online (here). It's now available online at Net-A- Porter (here) and Neiman Marcus(here). 

As we head in to thick of wedding and graduation season I think the 600g Baies would make a great gift for your favorite graduate or newly married couple. I also think it would be a great gift for who I hope is your favorite person- you 😉.


The Fishermen - Book Review

"Obembe was a search dog: The one who first discovered things, who knew things and who, after 
discovering them, examined them. He was perpetually pregnant with ideas, and in the fullness of time, delivered them as creatures equipped with wings- able to fly."  pg. 192

Warning:  I liked this book. I gave it a solid three stars...however the writer did seem to have a slight obsession with the word excreta. If you have a weak stomach or get turned off by graphic depictions of unsanitary people and/or surroundings this might not be the book for you. If you can stick it out though I think it is a worthy read. My internet research noted that this novel received oodles of accolades and awards, and having read it I can see why. 

The Fisherman is a story about a family with four sons. It's set in Akure, Nigeria (here) in the 1990s. The narrator is Benjamin the youngest of the four boys. The book jacket tells you that one day the boys meet a man who gives them a prophecy of fratricide that will change their lives forever. Obioma's writing is beautifully poetic. I felt that each chapter in the 304 page novel was presented as part parable/fable which the author used to address class, the dynamics of birth order, gender roles in marriage, and fate.

Throughout this book I kept thinking of the phrase, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." Could you shake off a negative prophecy or do you think you would internalize it in some way? Do your thoughts create your reality? Can you manifest your own destiny? I don't have the answers Sway but I do know I've always steered clear of tarot/palm/psychic readings and after reading this book I will continue to do so. If you have any premonitions about my fate I will thank you kindly to keep them to yourselves and as we say in my culture, "Don't put your goat mouth on me."( here

The Fisherman had one of those endings that I think a lot of readers will dissect and re-read to determine what really happened. As always if you've read this one I'd love to hear your thoughts.