We The People



Boots: Tory Burch - old
Jeans: Lucky Brand Charlie Skinny here
Jacket: The North Face  here
What you can't see- Fruit of the Loom thermal top and bottom here (Trust me when I tell you they made it all possible 😝)


A Fresh Start

I realized I had turned a corner in my life when two things happened. The first- I could no longer wear four inch heels for a ten hour day.  The second- I found myself getting excited about cleaning products. I think it's safe to say that my chandelier swinging days might soon be over as my most worn shoes are a pair of comfortable flats and I'm seriously considering signing up for a subscription service for my favorite household cleaning brand. *

That favorite would be Caldrea. I'm pretty sure I discovered Caldrea on one of these types of trips to Marshalls. I think I was just starting my Clean All The Things phase and the products I found in Marshalls seemed interesting and smelled amazing.  I picked up some dish washing liquid and a counter spray. I came home and googled the brand and the rest as they say is history. Of course the scent I got from Marshalls was discontinued. Oh Marshalls you giveth and you taketh away. But never mind the website had tons of options to choose from.  Some of my favorites are pictured above. The scents I've tried have been very light and clean. I really like the french sponges that expand when wet and are sold ten to a pack. I also like that their products are reportedly not tested on animals or made with artificial colorants.  Per their website:



Our products are free of ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates or petroleum distillates.

We do not test our products on animals, nor are our products made with animal-derived ingredients. Caldrea is a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, an internationally recognized campaign in North America and the European Union to eliminate cosmetics, personal care and household product testing on animals.

Yes I get that a bottle of Fabuloso works fine for most. But humor me. I write a blog dedicated to sharing things I find beautiful so it should come as no surprise that I would love a company that offers what is essentially a fragrance wardrobe for your home. Caldrea offers most of their products with the option of receiving them monthly to every 5 months. I haven't signed up for any reoccurring purchases yet because a little goes a long way.  In the six months since I was turned on to them I've ordered from them twice. I got my second order just before the new year started. So while just about everyone seemed to be planning their outfit for the big count down yours truly was looking for my ladder to clean the ceiling fan in my kitchen.  I woke up to a new year and a clean house just the way I like it.

Thanks for reading. Sending you all lots of 🔆💖😂🌺 for 2017!

*Chandelier swingers with cleaning product subscriptions I mean you no offense.