Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo- Histoire & Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color- Ever Red

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo- Histoire/ $37

Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color-Ever Red/ $37

Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color-Ever Red

Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color- Ever Red

Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color- Ever Red with gloss

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo- Histoire

Hi there! This just in. I bought some more red lipstick. In my defense I thought The Chanel Coco Stylo in Histoire was kind of peach-ish. Yes, I know everyone else sees red. I am special what can I say.

The Chanel Rouge Ultra Wear Lip Color in Ever Red is a nice matte red that lasts hours. If you add the gloss it will stay on ALL day. I tested it out and it was a wee bit scary. I ate breakfast, drank water throughout the day, ate again and it.did.not.budge.  I'm calling alien DNA on this one.  I sniffed it in an attempt to give you a thorough review(you are welcome), and I was able to detect a very faint scent of vanilla.  It isn't something that I notice when I wear it.

The Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in Histoire is my favorite of the two. I see a bright reddish/peach color.  Glosses with doe applicators can sometimes be a little tricky for me to apply evenly so I appreciate that the Stylo is a turn to click up lipstick that I can easily swipe on. I think the description from the Chanel website for this one is spot on.

The intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a lipgloss and the comfort of a lip balm — all in one creamy yet lightweight formula. 

To me it smells like perfumed plasticine(play dough for the US based folks), but once again it's not something that is noticeable when I have it on.  Wear time on me for the Coco Stylo in Histoire is about 3-4 hours. That's also generally about the time between my meals so you do the math.

I haven't bought any Chanel lippies in a while so I was very pleased with these two. If you are looking for a fun pop of color I would recommend the Chanel Rouge Coco in Histoire. If you are looking for a knockout red to take you from the office to dinner then the Chanel Ultra Wear in Ever Red is for you.

What lip colors are you wearing for spring?


What's In The Bag?

From left to right

1. Aēsop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm - reviewed here
 2. Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo - Histoire (206) here
           3. Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss- Passionate Fuchsia (240)  here
 4. Chanel Rouge Double Intensitē Ultra Wear Lip Color- Ever Red here
                         5. Rescue Beauty Lounge - Starfish Patrick
    6. Chapstick aka "old faithful" here
          7. Chanel Beige - reviewed here
  8. Earrings - Lagos here

Rescue Beauty Lounge- Starfish Patrick [sadly this polish company no longer exists :(  ] 

Truffle Small Clarity Pouch - here

My makeup bag is usually a reflection of what I'm loving now plus some staples like my shilling oil and some type of chapstick/lip balm. I try to keep it as organized as possible.

I've been into bright lips lately and I've found some nice options at my Chanel counter. I hadn't bought anything from them in a while so I was pleasantly surprised with their new releases.

I'm still loving my Aesop hand balm.  That brand has been my best beauty find in a while. Nordstrom is having an Aesop pop-in(the products are available online and at certain Nordstrom stores) until May 22nd.  The Aesop website has a free shipping offer for Mother's Day.

What's in your makeup bag this week?


Les Exclusifs de Chanel Beige

Chanel Beige (2.5oz/ $160)

Hi there. I've been really into perfume lately.  In the past couple months I've picked up a couple new scents. I took some time to review my little perfume collection and noticed that most of them fit into one or more of the following categories: white florals, woody, musk, spicy and citrus.

Chanel Beige pictured above is one of the white florals with a touch of spice. I read that it was originally released somewhere between the 1930s and 1940s.  An updated version of the original scent was introduced in 2008.

I think Chanel Beige is a very soft, feminine and elegant scent.  I had my mother try it and her first words were "that's pretty" which I think sums it up perfectly. On me Beige lingers warmly and close to the skin for several hours. I'm too fickle to have a signature scent but Chanel Beige will definitely be one I reach for regularly.

Have you tried Chanel Beige? What fragrances are you loving now?


The Spring Lineup

The sandals are from Target. The flats are from Cole Haan. The pumps are from French Connection. 

Find them here
Find them here

Similar here

New season, new shoes. This spring I picked up a pair of heeled sandals, some oxfords with a pop of color, and some classic pumps with a little zing. I've been wearing the sandals with socks #teamsockswithsandals.  The oxfords have been paired with my tailored work pants. The pumps are new but the plan is to wear them with my white ensembles and boyfriend jeans. 

Tell me about your lineup for spring.