Comida de San Juan, Puerto Rico

Coconut Pancakes

Mofongo(fried green plantains)

Portobello Gnocci 

Avocado with curried vegetables

It took everything I had not to title this post- I came I saw and I ate.  Also known as- What I do every time I go somewhere. I don't consider myself a foodie but a quick glimpse of this blog will show you that I have yet to meet a carbohydrate that I could not get along with.  

The internet tells me that Puerto Rican food is a blend of Spanish, African, Taino and American influences. I can tell you that every menu I looked at had avocado, rice, beans, and plantains.  I did a lot of eating but I also did a lot of walking up and down the cobbled streets of San Juan. I think it was fine balance for a good trip. 

Have a great week!



  1. We really don't play when it comes to our avocados. I wonder how they got the green plantain to look like that.

    1. No we don't do we. There are a lot of great recipes for Mofongo online.

  2. Rice, beans, plantain and avocado are always delicious; enjoy your stay and continue to share your travel adventures.

    1. Thanks Beauty. I agree you can't go wrong with those staples.