Diptyque Candles: Figuier, Noisetier, Tubereuse, Ambre & Baies

From left to right:
 Figuier- 10.2oz
Noisetier- 6.5 oz
Tubereuse- 2.4oz
Ambre- 1.2oz

 6.5oz candle inside a photosphere

Diptyque Candle Snuffer and Wick Trimmer
2.4oz Candles

View from the top of the photosphere
I think one of the first things you notice about the Diptyque Candles is the distinctive scrambled lettering. Co-creator Desmond Knox-Leet designed the signature labels using his background as a message decoder during World War II as an inspiration. I thought that was pretty cool too!

The Diptyque candles are offered in a large (10.0z/$90), standard size (6.5oz/$60), mini (2.4oz/$32) and during the holidays they usually have promotions that include the cutest itsy bitty candle (1.2oz) that is not sold separately. You can also get a candle snuffer, wick trimer and photospheres as accessories for their candles.

My favorite Diptyque candles so far are Ambre(spicy/woody), Baies(roses/blackcurrant), Noisetier(hazelnut) and Tubereuse(just like the flower).  I love coming home after work and unwinding with some candles and a cup of tea. I look forward to that ritual even more now during the hectic holiday season as the traffic seems to have increased exponentially around my way. I have two words for anybody that might be still holiday shopping. The Internet. Get into it. You will thank me.

How do you unwind at this time of year?