We All Have That One Friend ...

French toast with fruits, nuts and maple syrup

Comida de El Salvador 

Indian- naan, lentil curry and samosas

Japanese- vegan squash and quiche

Japanese- vegan salad

Julienne fries

Japanese-soba soup with tofu

Thai- veggie pad thai

And that friend is me. Yes, I take pictures of food.  Yes, I will ask you to move your elbows, phone, hand sanitizer, inhaler etc. so that I can get my shot. Don't even bother getting upset. I'm like paparazzi when it comes to getting my food shots.  I've heard every insult and I've had to dodge my fair share of condiments. You are not going to stop me. I know you're hungry and you don't have a lot of time.  All the more reason to work with me so that we can get this over with as quickly as possible.  If you are nice to me I always make you look beautiful.  And by beautiful I mean I crop your face out of the shot.  Just keep your used napkin out of my frame. 

Cheers and be kind to your friends taking pictures of what you guys eat this weekend!