Brooklyn, New York: 40.6928° N, 73.9903° W

Sunglasses: Burberry
Sweaters: J-Crew Factory
Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Henri Bendel
Shoes: Cole Haan

I had to take an unexpected trip to New York last month.  While there I squeezed in some time to do some touristy things like walking the Brooklyn Bridge, hanging out in Prospect Park and eating at Juliana's.

My favorite thing about New York is how easy it is to find beautiful flowers at any time of the day. My sister and I were exiting the subway when the gentleman tending the flowers gave each of us a daisy. I know right! And they say New Yorkers aren't nice. 🗽



  1. The flowers are so pretty. I can tell you had a great time; lovely smile and great pics too. Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. Hi Beauty! Thank you and same to you :)

  3. Hello Gorgeous! Loving the pictures! That's so nice of him! Being a tourist even though your a local for a day is fun. My last trip like that was at a museum on my own but I still enjoyed it - looks like you and your sister had great fun:)!

    1. Hi Mango and Fudge! That was a good day :)