Diptyque Candles: Figuier, Noisetier, Tubereuse, Ambre & Baies

From left to right:
 Figuier- 10.2oz
Noisetier- 6.5 oz
Tubereuse- 2.4oz
Ambre- 1.2oz

 6.5oz candle inside a photosphere

Diptyque Candle Snuffer and Wick Trimmer
2.4oz Candles

View from the top of the photosphere
I think one of the first things you notice about the Diptyque Candles is the distinctive scrambled lettering. Co-creator Desmond Knox-Leet designed the signature labels using his background as a message decoder during World War II as an inspiration. I thought that was pretty cool too!

The Diptyque candles are offered in a large (10.0z/$90), standard size (6.5oz/$60), mini (2.4oz/$32) and during the holidays they usually have promotions that include the cutest itsy bitty candle (1.2oz) that is not sold separately. You can also get a candle snuffer, wick trimer and photospheres as accessories for their candles.

My favorite Diptyque candles so far are Ambre(spicy/woody), Baies(roses/blackcurrant), Noisetier(hazelnut) and Tubereuse(just like the flower).  I love coming home after work and unwinding with some candles and a cup of tea. I look forward to that ritual even more now during the hectic holiday season as the traffic seems to have increased exponentially around my way. I have two words for anybody that might be still holiday shopping. The Internet. Get into it. You will thank me.

How do you unwind at this time of year?



Diptyque: Do Son Eau de Toilette & Philosykos Eau de Parfum

Do Son Label- Drawing of beach/harbor in Vietnam where one of the co-founders lived as a child
Mani: Day 6 of Rescue Beauty Lounge- Au Chocolat

Do Son eau de toilette (3.4fl oz/$125) here
   Philosykos eau de parfum(2.5floz/$145) here

Two weeks ago I went to an event at Nordstrom for Diptyque lovers. It was an intimate gathering where a representative from the brand shared information about Diptyque's origins, products and company philosophy.   I love brands with a clear, creative vision and great products so I was very eager to learn more about them. There were snacks, games and fancy seltzer water.  I loved it. I took some notes during the presentation(yes I'm that girl) of some things I thought were really interesting. I'll share them in this post and the follow up post I have planned on some of their candles that I love.
Diptyque is a popular fragrance company that offers an amazing array of perfumes, room
sprays, candles and related accessories. The Diptyque story started in Paris at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain with friends Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Gautrot and Yves Coueslant in 1961. Christiane was an interior designer, Desmond a painter and Yves a set designer. The three friends opened a store at 34 boulevard where they originally sold fabrics, wall paper and other beautiful things picked up during their travels. The name Diptyque was inspired by the two display windows in the original store that resembled a diptych- a painting made of two sections that can be folded together. They created their first eau de toilette, L'Eau in 1968, inspired by a potpourri recipe. From 2000 on they have used a single perfumer for each of their fragrance projects. The perfumers are given a story, a memory or a concept and then use raw materials to bring the fragrance to life.  The whole process takes approximately a year. They are reportedly skin worn and not tested on animals. Currently my two favorite Diptyque scents for the body are Do Son and Philosykos. 

Do Son was created for Diptyque by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin in 2005.  I do not consider myself a floral note lover when it comes to perfume, but I loved Do Son from the very first time I smelled it. It's sensual but still light and fresh. If you are not a fan of tuberose then I would recommend you skip this one. If you lean towards spicy floral scents with a hint of musk then check this one out. 
  • Inspiration: Co-founder Yves' memories of the flowers his mother bought at the market when they lived in Vietnam. Do Son is the name of a beach in Vietnam they frequented. According to the Diptyque rep the scene on the label when you turn the bottle around as pictured above is the area in Vietnam from Yves' childhood memories. 
  • Raw Material:   tuberose

Philosykos was created by perfumer Olivia Giacometti in 1996.  I am constantly trying to get a whiff of myself when I have this on. I'm sure it will be very embarrassing when I get caught. To me Philosykos is warm, woody, nutty masterpiece. I love this scent! 
  • Inspiration: The fig tree and the warmth of a summer in Greece. Founders Yves and Desmond spent time in Greece. They brought back some leaves from a fig tree in an orchard they had to pass on their way to the sea. Years later when they opened the box with the leaves they were still scented. 
  • Raw Material: fig leaves

Scents are such a personal thing. At the event they passed around testers with the different fragrances and it was hilarious to hear what notes each person could pick out. One lady thought she smelled pepto bismol for one of the fragrances. The rep graciously advised her that wasn't a note in any of their perfumes.  If you are already a Diptyque fan I would love to hear about some of your favorites.

Take care. 


The Fall Lineup

The pumps are from Vince Camuto and the boots are from Zara. 

I decided to add some pumps and a pair of boots to my closet this season. I'm trying to keep it simple so I went with jewel tones in velvet for the pumps, and the always chic black for the boots.

The plan is to have these babies take me through the new year.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes. In the meantime tell me about your fall lineup.

Edited to add:  The boots seem to be the favorite. You can find them here.


Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Lipstick- Shameless Violet #410 & Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion- Savage Garden#440

Estēe Lauder Liquid Lip Potion(.2oz/$30) - Bitter Sweet #130

Estēe Lauder Envy Lipstick(.12oz/$30)- Shameless Violet #410
Rescue Beauty Lounge- Lulu on nails

Savage Garden Lip Potion
Shameless Violet lipstick
Shameless Violet lipstick + Savage Garden Lip Potion 

Eeeeek! Yes, I know my lips are purple. Let me explain. It all started with an article I read about supermodel Joan Smalls' Estēe Lauder lipstick collaboration (read it here). Then there was a trip to Bloomingdale's where after some intense swatching, "Shameless Violet" emerged as the winner of the one way ticket to my Muji drawers. "Savage Garden" was all the saleslady's idea. The way she pitched it leaving Savage Garden behind would be like taking only one sibling from the orphanage, and leaving his brother to fend for himself.  So, I did what any decent human being would do and took them both. 

The Savage Garden lip potion applies very pigmented from the first swipe and you can increase the drama by applying several coats. Liquid lip products are generally not my fave. It takes too much time for me to apply them just right and to keep them off my teeth. This one was no different, but that's just my poor technique. I found the Shameless Violet lipstick to be very creamy so I would not consider it a matte lipstick in the traditional sense. Both products have a very faint sweet scent and lasted fairly well up to lunch. The lip potion leaves a nice stain as it wears off. 

I've worn the shades separately and layered as pictured above. So far layered has been my favorite.  How do you feel about purple lipstick? Have you tried any of the twelve lip colors that were a part of the collaboration between Smalls and Estēe Lauder? 


Tulum, Mexico: 20.2147° N, 87.4289° W

Tulum Ruins

Nohoch Mul- Cobá Mayan Ruins
Tankach-Ha cenote

Tulum is an older, pretty cousin of Cancun. She is into yoga and juicing and is very laid back. They live about an hour and a half away from each other if you drive like a local. Tulum is reportedly the only Mayan city built on a coast, and was a seaport where goods were traded.

Although my goal was to move as little as possible I did make it to the Tulum ruins, Cobá and the ceynote pictured above. I also slept a lot, did seaside yoga and ate my weight in guacamole. So to recap, it was a good trip and I will definitely be back.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


The Star Side of Bird Hill by Naomi Jackson- Book Review

When your book matches your nail polish!

I flew the coup for some much needed rest and relaxation recently. My goal once I arrived at my destination was to move just enough so that no one thought I was dead. I brought The Star Side of Bird Hill by Naomi Jackson with me for some poolside reading.

The Star Side of Bird Hill is set mostly on the island of Barbados. It tells the story of the trials and triumphs of the women in a family from the point of view of the matriarch, her daughter, and the grandchildren.  In 304 pages Ms. Jackson poetically addresses mental illness, sexuality, religion, and the bonds of family.

I liked the book a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read. This is the author's first novel, but hopefully not her last. You can check out her website here.

What are you guys reading now?


What's In The Bag?

From left to right:

1. Guerlain Rouge L'Extrait Luxure M27  Reviewed here
2. Estee Lauder- Sumptuous Extreme Mascara here
3. Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish- Ah, Oui 
4. Tarte Lip Surgence- Fiery here
5. Shiling Oil here
6. Clean Warm Cotton Lotion here
7. Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner here
8. Diptyqye 'Do Son' solid perfume here
9. Lipstick Queen- Berry Sinner here

Purse- Coach Turnlock Tie Bucket Bag { here}
Clutch- Truffle Small Clarity Clutch in blush { here }

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish in Ah, Oui

Hi there! I really like those what's in my bag posts like these by my friends here , here  and here.
I love to see what people schlep around on a day to day basis. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what is in their bag. Those people that leave home with just their phone, keys and a wallet fascinate me. Where do they work? Do they eat out every day? Where do they keep their chapstick?  Those people are not my tribe. I my friends am a bag lady.

For my first post of this sort I decided to focus on the beauty items in my bag because quite frankly, I didn't think you'd be interested in the gum or the receipts. I'm a lipstick and nail polish kind of girl so my make up bag will usually have the polish that I'm wearing for the week, one, or two, or three lipsticks plus some type of lip balm (#thisisajudgementfreezone). I think solid perfumes are the best things ever and this Diptique one I picked up in Tokyo last year is still going strong. The mascara and the hand lotion just happened to be what I grabbed for the week, and last but definitely not least is my shiling oil. Shout out to my peeps that can appreciate a good strong bottle of shiling oil. You know who you are.

 What's in your bag this week?


The Trainees

Top: Gap(old-it's actually a dress)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Boutique in Greece
Bag: Coach

Hozu River/Ukyō-ku, Kyoto  

Ukai is a method of fishing with trained sea birds called cormorants. It dates back to over a thousand years ago in Japan.  Ukai is done at night from long wooden boats lit with lanterns. A master fisherman controls up to twelve birds on leashes as they swim along the side of the boat and dive to catch the fish. Our guide told us these birds were in training for the Ukai period of July- September.  I hope they all made it.

I found some great photos of Ukai here and here.  Have a great weekend!


Elie Saab Le Parfum

A moment of silence please for that beautiful perfume bottle. (Insert moment here) Thank you. 

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer, and according to the internet Le Parfum was his first fragrance. I'm guessing he wanted to keep the name really simple.

The notes and description of Le Parfum: 

A harmony of white flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey create an encounter as feminine as the trail of an evening gown. An addictive, refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit. The exceptional in the every day.
Notes: orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, rose, cedarwood.

To me Le Parfum does smell very feminine in a luxurious and sophisticated, yet still approachable kind of way.  I apply it very lightly and can still smell it faintly at the end of the day. I love the way the bottle feels. The heft of all that glass and the way the angles glide across your hand makes applying Le Parfum a truly elegant experience.  

It is available in 1.6oz/$97 and 3oz(pictured above)/$124 bottles. I bought mine in a set with two body lotions during a special event Bloomingdale's was having for Mother's Day. The lotions are great for really layering the scent but I haven't been able to find them sold separately. 

You can read some of the many positive reviews for Le Parfum here and here.  If you've sniffed it let me know what you think. 


Wall Flower

Top: J-Crew Factory
Jeans: Lucky Brand Charlie Skinny
Shoes: Adidas Originals Pro Model
Mani: Estee Lauder Ballerina Pink

Lately it seems as if every time I pick up the paper or go online I am bombarded by bad news. If it isn't immigration problems, it's an environmental disaster, or another report of some senseless act of violence.  

That's why I appreciate this space where I can share the little things that make me happy.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by this little corner of the inter webs. We may not be able to fix the global economic crisis or get Ms. Piggy and Kermit back together, but we can bond over nail polish and lipstick and add a little levity to our day. 

Have a great weekend!