Formula X For Sephora- Larger Than Life, Chanel Rouge Allure #145- Rayonnante & Chanel Glossimer #182-Tocade

Formula X For Sephora- Larger Than Life ( $10.50/ 0.40z)

I picked up this Formula X For Sephora color weeks ago but had yet to try it. After a week of a bright red mani I was in the mood for something more subdued, so I turned to Larger Than Life.  

This was my first time trying a Formula X For Sephora color and I must say I was quite pleased. The two coats I'm wearing in these pictures applied evenly and smoothly, and drying time was normal. There is a subtle pearlized finish to the color that is noticeable in person but difficult to capture in a photo. It's a sophisticated nude that I'm happy to add to my polish collection.

Next up we have a new to me lipstick- Chanel Rouge Allure #145-Rayonnante.  I'm a sucker for nice packaging, so check out what Chanel did here with that pop up gold top. Just tap and...

voila! Try and tell me that isn't cute.
Chanel Rouge Allure #145- Rayonnante( $35/.120z)
Rayonnante which I think loosely translated means radiant, is a creamy, pinkish plum. Once upon a time I told myself I would stop buying plum and red lipsticks. That time has passed and I realize now that if those colors work for me I should stick with them.

Chanel Glossimer #182-Tocade ($29.50/.19oz)
Tocade which from La Internet may mean whim or passing fancy is a deeper berry that is pigmented enough that I can wear it alone(see the pics below). However, I prefer it layered over Rayonnante.

Chanel Glossimer #182-Tocade
A close up shot of the applicator and the color indoors.

Chanel Rayonnante
On the lips I have Chanel Rayonnante.
Chanel Glossimer Tocade
Just the glossimer Tocade above.  
Chanel Rayonnante and Chanel Glossimer Tocade

And finally them layered. 

What's on your lips and tips(hey that rhymed) these days?

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  1. I love the Chanel Rayonnante on you!

  2. The two colors are pretty individually and also look very cute layered. Beautiful review.

    1. Thank you Beauty. I hope all is well with you.

  3. That Tocade chanel lip gloss looks beautiful on you and I love the nail polish too.