Paros, Greece: 37.0833° N, 25.1500° E

A four hour ferry ride from Athens will get you to the Greek island of Paros. Paros was by far my favorite out of all of the places I visited in Greece.  I loved the laid back vibe, the friendly people and the beautiful winding streets with their white washed buildings.

I spent days there just wandering aimlessly and taking pictures, much to the amusement of the old men gathered around the local watering holes. I could tell they were talking about me, and my guess is they were saying something like, "nehh nehh that one again with the camera, day, night how many times is she going to take a picture of the sea." When I tell you I have hundreds of pictures, I mean I have hundreds of pictures.

We could be here until next year :)

I won't do that you though. I'll give you the cliff notes version of the island instead.

 We'll start with the villa where I stayed above.  The owners picked me up at the dock when my boat came in from Athens, and during check in I was presented with this amazing homemade combination of yogurt and oranges from their orchard. Now mind you I'm not a big fan of yogurt. At home I suffer through it because I know it's good for me, but I am here to tell you that you have not had yogurt until you've had it in Greece.( Chobani, Oikos, Dannon, all of them need to stop playing, because what they are masquerading as "Greek" yogurt is a lie. I will never be able to go back, because when you know better you do better.)  If that wasn't enough, in my room I was greeted by fresh olives, tomatoes and wine all grown and made on site.

Parasporos Beach

About a five minute walk from the villas is the beach, Parasporos above.  I think that picture can do it more justice than my words could.  I took it early in the morning on one of my first days on the island. It turned out to be the photo I loved the most out of all of the hundreds I took.  Every time I look at it I remember how peaceful and beautiful that morning was.


Next up ten minutes away by car we have the main town of Paroikia with its boats and sea side restaurants. Every where on the island you saw people taking a break from the sun by taking a dip in any body of water that was near by. Sometimes with bathing suits, and sometimes not....

After a nice lunch it's time to get lost wandering those beautiful winding grey and white streets,

 where you could end up running into a castle,

                   or some lovely homes where you can hear and smell the residents enjoying their lunch,

  or a boutique where they will be happy to hold your bags until you get back from

        your bus ride to the town of Drios

and the classic Greek village of Lefkes, where if you're up to it you can hike the Byzantine path

 or check out the traditional homes

 and still make it home in enough time to say goodnight to the Paros sun.

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Loving Now: Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Scented Candle

I can't remember how I first heard about Jo Malone. I'm going to just take a wild guess and say it was on a blog. I tend to love English goods so when I learned that the Jo Malone candles are made in London I was very interested. That is until I looked them up online and found candles retailing for four hundred plus dollars.

Now at this point I would like to reiterate that ofthecomely is a judgement free zone. We(Me,myself and I) respect your right to spend your money on what you want. However, as a personal favor to me if you hear that I bought a candle, and there was not a post about me winning the lotto, please send someone to lay me down gently until whatever I'm going through has passed.

So, I  just figured the brand wasn't for me and I moved on until that one fateful day I found myself in my local Bloomies and my curiosity got the better of me. I had no intention of forking over a car payment on something I was going to be literally burning but I wanted to see what could possibly be worth that much. I mean was it dipped in gold?

The nice Jo Malone sales lady talked to me about the long history of the brand and the top quality products that they use and told me that the more expensive candles were for their biggest sizes and yada, yada, yada. I think she could see I wasn't sold so she went for the big guns and pulled out a tester for what she said was their most popular fragrance- English Pear & Freesia.

Bang! Man down, or in my case woman down. I should have never walked over to that counter. I should have learned from that dead curious cat. But what has been done cannot be undone.

So as you can see I loved the smell and ended up going home with the candle. The 7 oz candle for $65.00 so don't send someone for me just yet.

Now scent is a very individual thing. English Pear and Freesia has the following description on the Joe Malone website.

 Experience the surprising, sensuous freshness of sweet pears, wrapped in a bouquet of white freesias, on a subtle background of scrambling wild roses and skin-warming amber, patchouli and woods. English Pear & Freesia Home Candle envelops a room and lingers for hours to create an ambience that is fresh and unexpected. Candle burn time is 45 hours and includes lid.
To me it smells clean and slightly woodsy with just a hint of sweetness, but I defer to the professionals at Jo Malone and their description.

I bought my first one in May of this year, and I'm less than half way through my third one now. All three have been the 7 oz size, and all three have been English Pear and Freesia. I use them at least once a week and find the scent to be long lasting without being overpowering.

I use the empty containers as small vases for flowers. I've seen them also used to hold everything from makeup brushes to pens.

What are some of your favorite candles? Have you tried any from Jo Malone?

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We Are All Greeks

Yes I've been wandering again. This time my travels took me to Athens, Greece and the Greek Islands of Paros, Santorini, Mykonos and Delos.

Yes, that is all of my luggage. Card carrying member of team carry on only!
 Yes. You can do it too.

This is Sparta!!!

Well, not exactly. That's actually Athens in the background but that's what I felt like on my climb to the Acropolis. And let me just warn you, if  you are interested in doing that it is one heck of a climb. I'd liken it to level 10 on a very high, very slippery stairmaster.

 It was a great trip and I am extremely grateful that I was able to experience that part of the world. As per usual I'll share some of the pics from my visit here in the coming weeks.

I hope you have all been well.

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