Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer: Blue Velvet #132

So this is the little pretty that has been making me smile lately. I picked up Blue Velvet from Sephora about two weeks ago. I spent some time in Sephora trying the different colors in the Marc Jacobs lacquer line, and this one was hands down my favorite.  I'm wearing two coats plus a salon top coat in all of the pictures. The formula was a little thick but drying time was normal.

 To my untrained eye Blue Velvet is a combination of royal blue, and a shimmering teal with subtle glints of gold. I love how the beautiful shimmers in the polish are actually visible on the nail in person And, how cute is that square + oval= squoval bottle?


I wore this color for three glorious days, until my left hand had an unfortunate run in with the eject button on my lap top. Let the record reflect that the polish on my right hand was still in excellent condition at that point. The polish is richly  pigmented so there was some staining to the nail even with the use of a base coat. A small price to pay in my opinion for such a beautiful color.

I had more blues than I thought, but nothing in my collection would qualify as a dupe for Blue Velvet. You can tell from the bottles that the Dior Tuxedo and the Chanel Blue Satin lean more towards navy, and the RBL is a cream with no shimmer.

The MJ polishes retail for $18 and are .43fl. oz.  

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Faster than a speeding bullet*

Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Necklace: Express
Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: White House Black Market(old)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Coach
Watch-Movado/ Ring-Tiffany's
Nails: Rococo Lab Nude 6.0 Satin

Blogger has been acting up for me so I hope this post comes out okay.  Every now and again I think about moving to something else, but then I think about all the work that would take and I just lay down until the feeling passes.  

This weekend was one of those really relaxing weekends. And by relaxing I mean I didn't do half of the things I had planned. So, still no beach and no The Wolverine. I did go to Pilates where I was the only one in the class. After the session I spent some time talking to the teacher about an issue she was having. I could tell she felt much better after our conversation, and it hit me. That's why I was there.  If I ran the world I probably would have slept in that morning, but the universe dragged me out of bed and put me in her class because it knew she needed to talk to someone. I'm learning more and more that everything happens as it should.

Sometimes it's not even about you. 

Have a great week!

*Judging from the shenanigans in these photos, they were probably taken around the time I saw Super Man.

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La Fin

Ahhh yes the last of the summer vacation pics :)


The Golden Gates

Main Palace Courtyard

Hall of Mirrors

  Le Grub

I am not a foodie but I know some people like to see food travel pics (that would be you peculiar Virtue) so here are a couple.

Dessert in the Latin Quarter

Yes, guacamole in Paris :)

Quick lunch in Versailles


Entrance to Notre Dame and poor Saint Denis and his head

Window panel inside the church

Offering candles


The French know how to relax.

They do it en masse.

And, they do it with style.


View from the top of Lady Eiffel. This is my favorite pic from the entire trip, and I took it :)

Inside the Tower

Scarf: Target
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Lucky Brand from TJ-Maxx
Shoes:  Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh
Bag: Pour La Victoire Cecile Convertible Satchel in Rust 

 So here we are in August. The flip flops and tank tops are on sale and all the magazines are talking about fall. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. I haven't made it to the beach and remember that reading list (whose idea was it to put an 800 page plus book on that list ??),  well I'm no where close to finishing.  I'm not letting any of that kill my vibe though because according to my calendar fall doesn't start until September 22nd so I will not be rushed :) 

What about you guys? What are your plans for the dog days of summer?

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