Darling Duos: Dior Vernis- Aloha and Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick- Live It Up

 I've been wearing a lot of orange based nail polish colors these past couple weeks, which I'm pretty sure is what has inspired my search for a similar type of lipstick for the summer. Dior Aloha was part of the 2011 Electric Tropics Summer collection and it came with the topcoat pictured, which I'm wearing over two coats in all of these pics.

I thought I had posted pics of Aloha on this blog before, but I couldn't find anything.  It is a really bright jelly polish that leans toward a true orange on me. It's one of my summer faves.

 Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick- Live It Up

 Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick- Live It Up

Now remember when I told you I was looking for a orangeish/coral/peachy type lipstick, in this post. Well, after Dior my search led me to bareMinerals. I was with my mother and my sister and as I walked in the store this color jumped out at me. It was Live It Up. It is described as cherry red on the bareMinerals site. A google search for this color notes other bloggers describing it that way as well. I don't see cherry red. I didn't see cherry red when I saw it in the store and I don't see cherry red in these pics.  So, two things might be happening here:

  1. I've lost my ability to distinguish red from orange (I'm not getting any younger so this is very possible)
  2. Everybody else is wrong

This is my recreation of the in store swatch- liner free

So I try Live it Up on in the store and I turn first to my mother, aka The Great Illuminator. She gave me a, if you choose to wear that I would prefer that you not walk behind me look. Undaunted I turn to my sister who gave me a passive aggressive, " Do you like it?".  Last but not least there was the sales man. He politely offered to show me some of their darker red lipsticks.

Despite that trio of, if you don't want my answer don't ask me, I mean if you think you can pull it off and, I really don't care what you get as long as I get a sale, I decided to follow my heart and buy Live It Up. I'm wearing it in the pic above with MAC cork liner.

 And finally, the duo together in what I have christened the ofthecomely Summer 2013 look. And yes, as a matter of fact I do like it :)

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Love is the only solution

Edited to add: If you live in the US or are outside the US, and mildly tuned in to current
                       affairs you know that there has been a recent event that has galvanized our nation. For
                       some, myself included it has been utterly heart braking. For others quite simply, it has
                       not. And, such is life.
                       I usually try to schedule my posts ahead of time. This one was
                       no exception. I already had the photos and content and  planned to title this post
                       something cute like, what to do in Paris. However, in light of  what was happened I
                       decided to change it to something that I hope we will all keep in our hearts and
                       minds in the days and weeks ahead.

        On to the post:              

On this day we decided to talk a stroll down the Champs-Élysées. It's a great tree lined street that's perfect for people watching, shopping and eating. You can find everything on this street from Laduree, and Cartier to Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch. The street ends quite majestically with the Arc De Triopmhe. If you have time I would suggest visiting the Champs-Élysées in the day and then again at night when the lovers, ballers and shot callers are out for a totally different experience.

Window display on the Champs-Élysées

That is one stylish T-Rex

Arc De Triomphe- Now that is a landmark!

We also hit up the Louvre that day. I am not a huge museum person. I can do 1-2 hours max before everything starts to look the same to me. The Louvre is on just about every to do list for Paris so I would recommend it at least once. It's a beast, so I suggest you have some type of a plan in terms of what you want to see or you could be there all week.  I was with someone who had never seen the Mona Lisa so I braved it again on this visit. This is the point in the post where at the risk of alienating any Mona Lisa fans, I am impelled to suggest that you google Mona Lisa at the Louvre before coming. When you push through the hordes of people snapping away to see that "smile" yourself up close, I just don't want you to be underwhelmed.

At the bottom of the Louvre Pyramid

 I have no idea who that lovely lady is to my left, but try and tell me she isn't giving you something you can feel. I really like her purse.  

View from inside the Pyramid looking out at Paris

Louvre Museum -Venus De Milo
There must have been a lot of love in the air on the day we were there because the crowd around this statue was insane. She reportedly is an idealized example of the perfect woman and is a size 14. Check out those rocking abs.

Louvre Museum- Eros(Greek) aka Cupid(Roman)

I don't remember noticing this guy the last time I was here. Silly me for thinking that the Harlem Shake started in Harlem. That's what I get for taking Music Appreciation instead of Art History in college.  

Checking out the settings on the ground floor of the underground shopping center of the Carrousel du  Louvre.

Shirt: Banana Republic- old
Scarf: Target-old
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh
Purse: Pour La Victoire Cecile Convertible Satchel in Rust  Here but no longer on sale

That's all for now folks. I hope you all are enjoying your summer. Thanks for stopping by.

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I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles

I love summer, and I love summer vacation even more. This year we here at ofthecomely spent some time in one our favorite cities, Paris. We have returned safe and sound with a renewed determination to master French and with a lot of pictures. 

All of the pics below were taken at Versailles Gardens with my Ipad.  I think the palace itself deserves a separate post, so I'll do that in the coming weeks.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far. Who is travelling or planning to explore their city some more this summer?  Dites-moi s'il vous plait. {That should say, tell me please, but like I said my French is rusty so if I insulted your mother or goat I apologize }   


I think it's obvious from this poor attempt at a teaser that by this point in the trip my baguette and cheese consumption was over 9000!!!!

Doing my best to counteract "Operation Eat All the Bread"

Nope, pants still don't fit :)

Headband: Nordstrom
Scarf: Target
Top: The Limited
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike Dunk Sky Hi Mesh
Sunglasses: Kate Spade

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Rouge Dior: Flamboyant Blazing Red #638 & Zinnia Red #743


I sometimes feel as if I'm buying the same color of red/burgundy/wine lipstick over and over. I will always buy colors like that because I think they work for me, but lately I've been looking for something a little different. I've been on the hunt for a nice coral/orangeish/peachy color. Basically something not red, burgundy or wine colored. 

I ended up at the Dior counter where I picked up these two colors. They have great customer service, and I love those quilted navy lipstick cases.

Dior Flamboyant Blazing Red #638

First off I know it's a red but in my mind at least I think I see a little hint of orange. 

Rouge Zinnia Red #743

Yes, I am quite aware that Zinnia is not an orangeish/coral/peachy type of color. What happened was I tried it, I liked it and I bought it *insert shrug here*.

Both colors have a slightly creamy consistency and were easy to apply. Lasting time was about 3-4 hours with no food.  They also have a slight perfumed scent which I know some people don't care for in a lipstick. I didn't find it overpowering but it is noticeable.

So my hunt for that nice coral/orangeish/peachy shade continues. I'm open to any suggestions, and will keep you posted.

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