The Post Man Always Rings Twice: Shoe Mail

I've added some new members to my shoe family in the past couple months with some help from Friend's and Family discounts and insider sales.  

INC Lily Pumps in Cobalt Blue

 I wear a lot of black and white so the Ralph Lauren  pair were a no brainer.

The markedly more festive cobalt pumps have been on my radar since the holidays. I did have to size up to an 8, and I haven't worn them out yet, but just looking at them in my closet makes me happy.

Tory Burch Alexa Peep Toe Heel sold out
Tory Burch Selma High Heel-Flame Red Similar here

My very first blog post was about my Tory Burch wedges. I think her shoes are well made and comfortable. They are the real work horses in my closet.  I'm pretty sure I'm wearing them in just about every other blog post. I'd been eyeing both of these pairs of Tory Burch shoes for a while. As luck and a well timed Bloomingdale's sale would have it, I was able to get them both recently. The nude pumps were the last one in stock....and they were in my size. You see it was fate :)


Instagram pic of the pumps fresh out of the box

 These lovelies are from Zara. They are my first and second Zara shoe purchases ever.  Both shoes are a 7.5, which is my usual size. The pair on the left fit true to size. The studded lace pumps were a little small. I think an 8 would have been a perfect fit.  The delivery was fast, and the pumps came with a pair of extra heel caps which I thought was a nice touch.  

 You will be happy to hear that everyone one is getting along like I good family should.

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When it rains it pours

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Express
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Purse: Coach
Necklace: TJ Maxx- how cute are those anchors
Lipstick: Dior Flamboyant Blazing Red 638
Nail polish: Nails- OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It / Feet- Revlon Charming

 So, don't laugh but I just started going to Starbucks. I know they've been around for a while but I don't drink coffee so I never really went in there. Also, I tend to be a bit contrary when it comes to what's popular. If everyone else is doing it, watching it, reading it and loving it, I'm usually the last hold out. Facebook, the movie Titanic, Fifty Shades of Grey, yeah I'm still holding out.

Due to circumstances beyond my control(the fire department was involved) I found myself holed up in a local Starbucks recently.  Long story short, I found out that they sell fancy concoctions with tea in them .......and thus began my slight obsession with the iced soy green tea frappuccino.

I just want the record to reflect that when I do come around and discover that everyone else was right all along, I am the first to say so :)

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Just the Basics

Shirt: Target(clearance rack*wink*)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Belt: J-Crew
Shoes: Nine West
Ring: David Yurman
Watch: Michael Kors
Nail polish: Jessica- Tangerine Dreamz

A lot has happened in the world since we last linked up. I hope all is well with you and yours.

 I can't believe that here in the US Memorial Day is in a couple of weeks. That means Summer is just around the corner. This year is flying by.  One of my big accomplishments so far has been finally finishing A Game of Thrones which is book one in the Song of Ice and Fire Series.  *spoiler alert*  It hurt me to my core when the Hound killed Mycah, the butcher's son, so I took a break after that part of the book. Then I needed to give my self time to calm down after Sansa betrayed her father. Anyhoo I forced myself to get over those things and I finished it and bought the second book in the series. I haven't started it yet because I wasn't ready to jump into another seven to eight hundred page book. Instead I'm reading Isabel Allende's Maya's Notebook. I'm 81% finished( I read on my Ipad Kindle app) and I'm enjoying it.

Behold my Summer reading list(as of right now):

A Clash of Kings(Book 2 in the Ice and Fire Series)- George R.R Martin

Arrow of God- Chinua Achebe

The Perfume Collector- Kathleen Tessaro

 If you have any other good book suggestions, please let me know.

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