Classics and Compliments

Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Guess

Hello out there in blog land.  How are you guys?  We here at Of the Comely have been up to our neck in home repair projects. (That is a post for another day). I was wearing this outfit while wandering the aisles in one of those big box home improvement stores trying to find someone to give me a price check, when this lady complimented me on my shirt.   For some reason every time I wear this shirt someone compliments me on it. And every time I'm a little thrown  off by the compliment.

Random person: I like your shirt
Me: Huhmph? ( looks down to see what I'm wearing) Oh thanks !

Now don't get me wrong I thought it was a nice shirt, which is why I bought it, but I definitely wouldn't consider it the jewel of my closet.  I asked a friend of mine at work who always notices when I wear it what she liked about it and she said, you just can't go wrong with a classic button down shirt.  Hmmm sounds like I should invest in some more of them.

The shirt in all it's classic glory aka the Wait, is the flash on shot?

What classics have you guys been wearing for Fall?

Thanks for reading! Be well ^-^

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October 2012 workouts

I haven't posted my workouts in a while so I thought I would today. I'd stopped using weights while I was working on my Pilates certification so the big thing for me in October was getting back to a regular strength training routine.

Snapping pics at the Cable Row Machine

It had been so long, I'd forgotten how much I like strength training. On a strength training day I'll usually spend about 50 minutes at the gym. I start with the lower body- seated leg press, lying leg curls, thigh abductor/adductor, angled calf machine, seated leg curl, vertical leg press and end with the upper body- triceps press, shoulder press, chest press, front lat pull down, cable row machine. The jiggly bits definitely felt a bit tighter that month and I attribute it to the strength training :).

So far this month I've been uninspired and short on time which is a combo that leads to me using the treadmill a lot, but I plan to work these two DVDs into my regimen to spice it up a bit. It's been a while since I did anything other than a Pilates DVD so I'll let you know next month if I was able to stick with these.

Now what about you guys. Don't give me that look. I know all manner of temptations are abound this time of year, but I also know that you guys are still trying to stay active. Yes walking inside instead of using the drive through counts. You're moving so it counts :) Let me know how you're doing.

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Cave drawings

I am convinced that when the aliens decide to make their presence known there will be much amusement among them regarding our planet's obsession with Instagram. Little alien boys and girls will one day go to museums where they will be bored to tears as they meander through exhibits with photos of various examples of the human race and random objects from planet Earth in Valencia and Early Rise filters.
Below I have shared with you some of my humble contributions to history.  With captions!
Arrghh! The blue screen of death. Yes, I know you've never seen a phone like that before. Yes, I bought it this century. No, I never upgraded because it was still working.
      Day 4 and patiently waiting for my life to be changed.... 
 The only idiot person in Spin Class on Halloween. That's right. The o.n.l.y. one.  Just the instructor and I. The substitute instructor that is. The regular instructor wasn't there. Maybe they sent a text that I didn't get.( See first pic)
Found a bracelet I lost a  year ago. It was in the same jewellery box I turned upside down looking for it a year ago. Yeah that's life for you. I'm going with the universe wanted me to have two of them...

Doing some research on this rubber band watch trend.
Preparing fruits for the week
The most important thing I did all week.
Whose Instagrams are you guys finding Tate Modern worthy?  Leave me a comment with the info.
Thanks for reading!  Be well ^-^
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