The Show Must Go On & An Award


T-Shirt-Banana Republic
Jacket-Banana Republic
Jeans- Lucky
Shoes- Nine West

On the weekend I took these I decided to stop and take some photos before the sun came blazing down. I found a fairly deserted spot and was all set to go, only to find that I didn't have the little clicky thing remote for the camera. I snapped away anyway as they say, the show must go on.

I was nominated by Beauty of for the Liebster Award. Thank you Beauty (how cool is that name) that was very kind of you.  If I got this right, the first part of the award involves telling your readers eleven things about yourself. The second part is answering eleven questions from the person who nominated you. The third part is finding new bloggers to nominate. My attempt at the first part is below. I did my best but I realized I would be a terrible speed dater. I had no idea where to start.

1.) I'm the eldest child.
2.) I love to travel.
3.) Lately I've been having this strange urge to learn German?
4.) I am slightly  obsessed with chapstick. If I don't have it with me I'm going back home to get it.
5.) I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years.
6.) I don't like scary movies. I sat in the theatre and listened to most of the movie Seven with
     my eyes closed so I don't know what happened for the sin sloth or what was in the box. I did the
     same thing for Silence of the Lambs(although that was a sleepover and I needed to go to the
     bathroom but my friend wouldn't stop the movie to go with me, but that's for another time).
7.) I'm a chain gum chewer. My gum of choice is Orbit Peppermint(the blue one). I go through a pack
     a week.
8.) I love the movies and one day I'd like to win an Oscar for screenwriting or whatever you can win
     an Oscar for and not be stalked by paparazzi.
9.)  I like learning about new things, going to new places and meeting people with common interests,
      but I have a tendency to be very private so I'm still figuring that all out in terms of this blog.
10.) I'd like to think that I have a very caring, laid back, easy going personality but I would not
       mistake my kindness for weakness. My general rule of thumb is to do no harm, but take no crap.
11.) I think the worst thing you can be is unappreciative.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Gorgeous look, love your shoes

  2. You always look nice and you know I'm going to ask what NP are you wearing? :)

  3. @Joy Shana:
    Thank you. I've been getting a lot of use out of them.

  4. @Rhonda: Thank you so much! That's such a nice thing to say. The NP is Rescue Beauty Bruised :)

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  6. this is simple, chic & perfect :)

  7. love the location

    love your blog,
    may you want to follow each other?
    i will defiently follow back.

    my blog:

  8. Oh forgive me! I'm just seeing this. First of all, I love, love your accessories; the shoes, bracelet and wristwatch. Then I totally agree with you on #4. I can not do without my Chapstick either and I'm always buying them when I go to the store. I keep them in my car, purses, jeans pockets...everywhere!...:)

    1. Ha! We need a Chapstick anonymous club.