Chanel Le Vernis: Infidele, Delicatesse & Provocation

It's raining polish over here in Of The Comely land. These colors are from the Les Twin-Sets De Chanel collection. There is a matching Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick offered for each of the colors. I ordered the lipstick in Provocation but alas it was not meant to be as they sold out of that shade.  

On to the polishes. I'm wearing two coats of each color in all of the pics.

From top to bottom:
1. Infidele
2. Delicatesse
3. Provocation

 When I saw the pics online I thought I would like Provocation the most. In person Delicatesse which to me looks like a mix of pink and peanut butter brown is my favorite of the three. I don't have anything similar to Delicatesse in my polish collection.

From left to right:
Chanel April
Orly Pink Chocolate
Chanel Infidele
Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised

Index: Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised
Middle: Chanel Infidele 
Ring: Orly Pink Chocolate
Pinkie: Chanel April

I didn't have an exact match for Infidele but these seemed to be in the same family.

From left to right:
Chanel Rouge Noir
Essie Luxe
Chanel Provocation

Middle:Chanel Rouge Noir
Ring: Chanel Provocation
Pinkie: Essie Luxe

I thought Provocation would be closer to Rouge Noir or maybe as dark as Essie Luxe. On the nail to me it looks like a deep eggplant.

All three are sure to be a hit with Chanel polish collectors. What say you? Which one is your favorite?

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Chanel Skyline: Yeah or Nay?

I came home to find this in the mail this afternoon. It is from Chanel's Blue Illusion collection.  

Skyline is different from any of the other Chanel blues that I have. To me it looks like a metallic combination of blue and silver with just a whisper of lilac. I've read where some people have described it as a frost and I can see that.

I'm wearing two coats here

I'm still figuring out how I feel about it. I like the contrast of the lighter metallic on my dark skin but it looks a little..... I don't know if boring is the right word, understated might be a better choice. The fact is I wasn't exactly sweeped off my feet at first glance. I'm going to reserve judgement until I try it as a full manicure done by a professional.

What say you? Yeah or Nay?

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"I am the terror that flaps in the night "


Sweater: Can't remember Seen here
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Lucky Seen here, here & here
Shoes: Coach Seen here

Other than working out, grocery shopping, and spending countless hours on the internet, I did nothing this weekend. I turned on the TV on Saturday morning and there was absolutely nothing on. Do you remember back in the day when Saturday mornings were the best part of the week? A part of me longs for those days when I would sit down with my cereal watching Saturday morning cartoons. Now maybe it's just me and my basic cable. Maybe the young ones today have their own Saturday morning ritual that they're doing via twitter or Facebook or some app I'm just not up on. If that's the case then good for them, but I still miss those Saturday mornings from back in my day. So let's take a trip down memory lane.

Jem and the Holograms

I think I've mentioned it on this blog before but I am almost certain that this is where my love of accessories started. Remember she had the pink magic star earrings. I ate it up.  "Jem, Jem is my name Jem!"


Mr. by the power of Grayskull himself in all his glory and Battle Cat. All together now, "I have the power."


See this is what I'm talking about. They had to bring this back how many times, how many years later and it was still a hit. "Transform and  Roll Out!"

Darkwing Duck

" I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the ingrown toenail on the foot of crime."  Darkwing!!!! I can't explain why Darkwing spoke to me on so many levels, I just know that if you have a problem with him, you have a problem with me.


Now when this premiered it became the undisputed King of the Saturday morning cartoon line up. X-Men shut it down so hard all those other cartoons might have well just stayed at home.

 I remember how people would be willing to defend their favorite character to the death. I remember the Storm fans(you know who you are, don't try to not claim her now) would be ready to fight you if you mentioned how she was always getting knocked out the sky.  I remember having deep discussions about the different mutants. 

 Jean Grey was always a touchy subject.  Yes she had the gift of great psychic ability but that's not enough to be crowned the most powerful mutant. I could have the highest IQ ever measured to date, and have other talents that would give me the potential to be one of the most brilliant minds ever. But if I don't learn how to harness my "gifts" and I end up naked under a bridge, I wouldn't be called a genius now would I?  Ergo, therefore, and as such, in the case of Ms. Grey, she was not the most powerful mutant. She had the potential to be, but she was weak(yeah I said it) and weak people cause problems as we saw in the Dark Phoenix Saga.  

Moving on, my favorites were  Professor X, Wolverine, Beast, Mystique and Rogue.


Now this one was past my Saturday morning cartoon years but every time I think about it my heart hurts. This is one of my all time favorite animated series. In my opinion it is one of the best ever created.  I cannot understand why they cancelled it.  From the opening theme, to the actors that voiced the Gargoyles, to the action filled story line and the Shakespearean references, it was utter perfection. I'm still not over it. Still. I may never be. May they live again one day soon.

So those were the biggies in my Saturday morning line up. I think one or two of them might have also played after school. Honorable mentions also go out to the Smurfs,  Pinkie and the Brain and Batman the animated series.

What was/is in your Saturday morning line up?

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Fall Bag: Kate Spade Southport Avenue Cameron

Yes I know that technically I'm early. I agree that per the calendar Autumn/Fall isn't until September 22.  Still it's September 1st(how in the hey did that happen??) and the kids are back to school so it feels like Fall to me. What better way to celebrate a change in season than with a pretty new purse?  A pretty purse that was 60% off !

When I first clicked on the link for the Kate Spade surprise sale nothing grabbed my attention. I took another look a day later when somebody at work sent me the link, and I saw this bag in a color that I just wasn't feeling. I liked the shape and size of the bag, and the fact that it zipped across at the top and had brass feet. I just wasn't too fond of  the color that was displayed. I was just about the leave the site when I spied with my little eyes the words that every online shopper loves to see, "available in additional colors", so I clicked to see the other colors and BAM! There she was, Ms.( pronounced Miz because I think she looks like a Miz) Cameron in all her African Violet glory. As they say in showbiz, it was a wrap, and now I have a lovely bag for Fall, albeit 21 days early.

Are you changing up your accessories for Fall?  Have you found any great sales lately? Sharing is caring :).

Thanks for stopping by. Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

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Edited to respond to reader question:

I am thinking about getting this bag as well! Quick question, do you know if it will hold a 13" macbook?