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Bracelets from the Loft
Estee Lauder 'Beyond Black' Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Viper

Buenas Noches. I stopped by Nordstrom after work today and ended up at the Estee Lauder counter checking out their new Beyond Black nail polish collection. The only color that caught my eye was Viper. Per the sales associate Nordstrom is offering a gift with purchase when you spend $45 or more at Estee Lauder in store and online.

After Nordstrom I found myself at Loft. Is it Loft or The Loft? Anyhoo they were having 50% off of everything that ended in .99. The clothes were pretty much picked over but I did find some cute accessories which were even cuter with 50% off. The bracelet seems to be made really well. It has a really strong sliding magnetic closure with a tab lock at the end. I picked up two of the bracelets with the intention of putting one up to give as a Christmas gift....

but then the universe compelled me to try them both on together as seen in the pic above, and all of a sudden it was Christmas in July. For me. Don't even try to give me that look. You know you would keep them both for yourself too.

Three coats of Estee Lauder Pure Color Viper

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Viper nail polish was a little sheerer than I liked with the first coat but after three I was pleased. You could probably get the same effect with two thicker coats. I don't have anything close to this color in my collection. It certainly screams Fall. I'd describe it as a deep, dark, twinkling forest green. What say you?

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  3. I think Estee Lauder nail polishes are my favorite. I love the brushes! Come back soon ;)!

  4. Yay for chains. I love chunky accessories like these. The nail polish really looks pretty. Darker shades are my favorite.
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  5. Great post: I like these bracelets so much!!
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  6. @Squared:
    They do make great polish :)

  7. @Bonnie:
    So do I. I'm slowly starting to wear the fall colors.

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    Thanks. I like your profile pic. Very artsy.

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  12. awesome bracelets....

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  15. @sepatuholic:
    I love them. If there is a Loft in your area, the sale is still going on.