"Real hot in the shade"

Jacket: The Loft
Dress: Target
Shoes: Coach Leticia seen here
Necklace: Eastern Market in D.C.

I haven't posted an outfit pic in a while so I thought I'd put this up to confirm I'm still wearing clothes and still trying to step outside my comfort zone by taking pics outside. I think this dress was one of the first that I posted on this blog. This time I added a jacket to make it work appropriate. A co-worker told me I looked very "festive" and asked if I was going to a party after work. I couldn't think of a response that was HR appropriate so I just smiled and kept it moving.

 I spent a couple of days in Washington D.C.(pics coming soon) recently and I picked up these pretties.

I've been on an accessories kick lately so I was happy to add them to my collection. It's so hot I don't want to wear anything fussy, and my theory is if I change up the accessories I can keep wearing that grey t-shirt over and over and over.

Has this extra hot summer affected your wardrobe?

Things I'm happy about/looking forward to/grateful for this week:     
 - A hot yoga class on Tuesday
 - My pretty mani
 - I made it to the grocery store
 - I have a job
- You guys

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