The pain passes, but the beauty remains

Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: Target
Skirt: Express
Shoes: White House/Black Market
Bag: Kenneth Cole

Did I ever mention that I have very sensitive skin?  I didn't. Well I do. Why do I mention that? Let's just say that the second to last photo of me covering my face with the flowers was a bad idea. How bad you ask? Well, I'll tell you.  It was an hour wait in my dermatologist's office, for an official diagnosis of contact dermatitis bad.

Ever the optimist I consoled myself by noting that at least I was stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking pics outside. I just need to be more careful next time and look out for the flesh eating monsters disguised as flowers.

Look a pretty flower flesh eating monster!

Have a great weekend!

Stardate :12104.22


  1. You styled this vest beautifully! It looks great with the outfit.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. @Bonnie:

    Thank you. I think that vest was a good buy.

  3. Hey girl, thanks so much for the prayers!

    Sorry about the skin reaction. :o( But you killed it with that outfit! And those SHOES!!!

  4. @pVI:
    Thank you! I know everything will work out for you:).