Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Shirt: Calvin Klein
Jeans: Lucky Zoe Jean
Shoes: Nine West

I heard some news about a friend of the family this weekend that  reminded me that life is short. I've been known to put off wearing the good shoes and the nice bag until I felt I had somewhere special enough to use them. I'm also a part time member of the, one of these days when I have..... I'm going to..... club.
I forget sometimes that each day that you get is special. I forget until I'm reminded that no tomorrow is guaranteed.

Wear the shoes, take the trip, eat the cake, stop just to watch the waves. If not for you, for those with no more todays.

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The pain passes, but the beauty remains

Shirt: Banana Republic
Vest: Target
Skirt: Express
Shoes: White House/Black Market
Bag: Kenneth Cole

Did I ever mention that I have very sensitive skin?  I didn't. Well I do. Why do I mention that? Let's just say that the second to last photo of me covering my face with the flowers was a bad idea. How bad you ask? Well, I'll tell you.  It was an hour wait in my dermatologist's office, for an official diagnosis of contact dermatitis bad.

Ever the optimist I consoled myself by noting that at least I was stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking pics outside. I just need to be more careful next time and look out for the flesh eating monsters disguised as flowers.

Look a pretty flower flesh eating monster!

Have a great weekend!

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If you are the big tree....we are the small axe

Scarf: Express
Shirt: Calvin Klein
Pants: Whitehouse Blackmarket
Shoes: Ralph Lauren

I know, I know I'm supposed to be trying to stay away from black and white, but what can I say? I was in a rush for work that day and black and white is a no-brainer. I'm in the middle of cleaning out my closet and it's just sad amazing to see  how many black and white tops I have.  And the black pants... Le gasp ?!?. 

Have a great week.

Stardate :12104.17

Laura Mercier Ohh La La

Two coats of Laura Mercier Ohh La La

 I wore the Orly Fancy Fuchsia from the last post for two weeks straight before wearing the Oh La La above. I would put Oh La La in the same category as Chanel Intermezzo. It's a delicate, feminine color, that would be flattering on multiple skin tones.  It's the kind of color I can see a grandmother, mother, daughter and grandaughter all wearing at the same time. I think it would be perfect for someone that didn't want to go bare nailed, but wasn't a big nail polish fan.

Have a great weekend!

Stardate :12104.15

A Girl Cannot Live in Black Pants Alone


In my never ending quest to have a closet full of wearable, versatile, colorful clothes I went shopping. First stop was the GAP where I tried on the dress above. The print didn't photograph well with my camera phone but the dress is navy and white with an elasticized top. It has a decorative draw string in the middle of the bust, with wooden beads at the end. It also has pockets!!. Yeah, who doesn't love a dress with pockets? I'm 5'6 and the dress stops about 2-3inches from my ankle so I wouldn't consider it a maxi dress, but it does have that easy, breezy maxi feel to it.

Sleeveless Tie-front Shirt

Printed Pocket Top

 The sleeveless orange and tan tie-front shirt, the green printed pocket top and the white pants were all from The Limited.

The pants were a little too thigh and hip spectactular for work. They were also about two inches too short.

 The tie-front top I liked for under a jacket or nice sweater. 

I loved the print on the green top and I actually liked it paired with the white pants for a casual night out. Quality wise the green top seemed a little slight and there were some loose threads around the neck that were a litlle iffy. 

Satin Trim A Line Top

Multi Stripes Shell
Multi Stripes Shell

I ended up getting the dress from the GAP, the sleeveless orange tie-front blouse and the three shells above which were on sale at The Limited.  Although I liked the green pocket top and the white pants together, the top was $50 and the pants were $70 and since I wasn't that crazy about them I decided to pass, which just means I'll wait until they go on sale and buy them then :).

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"Always do what you are afraid to do"

Jacket: The Limited
Dress: gift from sister
Shoes: Nine West
Belt: J-Crew
Nail polish: Orly Fancy Fuchsia

My mother and I were talking about the Oprah show where she met with Lady Gaga and her mother. Our conversation jumped from the topic of bullying, to the fine line between genius and insanity, and finally to living your life fearlessly on your own terms. We both agreed that that living fearlessly is easier said than done.  I think most people if they're honest with themselves live their life on some level afraid of rejection, failure and embarrassment. However, whenever I hear or read about someone uber successful, there was usually some epic failure in their life that instead of ruining them, served to mold them into the successful (fill in the blank) that they are now. We have countless examples of the transformative power of failure yet many of us are still afraid to fail. 

What would I do if I wasn't concerned about rejection, failure or embarrassment? I would find a way to combine my love of reading, watching movies, photography, pretty things, fitness and travel  into a job where I could afford to buy books and pretty things, watch movies, travel and have a gym membership.

While I figure out how to do that, I'm taking baby steps towards being a little braver in my day to day life by taking more pictures outdoors. If anybody asks me what I'm doing, I'm going to say I'm working on an as yet untitled project.

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If youth knew; if age could *

  April 2011                                                                                                  April 2012                      

I met with my hairdresser recently and she mentioned that my hair was growing back. She cut it a year ago. My how time flies. Since I can't see behind my head I took her word for it. Then I came home and took a pic and compared it to a pic I took last year. And yes, I realize I'm wearing a shirt the same color as I was around this time last year. Strange you say. Yes strange is my middle name and, yes I like purple.

I also like a cute updo so I've been loving the braided hair styles I've been seeing lately like the ones below. I love how the styles depending on the outfit and the person wearing them, could be clasically elegant and/or young and carefree.

French Braids Hairstyles Spring 2012 Romantic Braids

I wore my hair in my version of the Katniss Everdeen pre-reaping day braid all week leading up to The Hunger Games(yes, like I said strange is my middle name). Did I take a picture of it? Of course not. Oh hindsight.

 Funny story though, I was standing outside of my office building one day that week, using my cell phone because I get no reception inside, (so much for their ploy to make the worker bees more productive) when a co-worker walked up and said, "Oh my gosh I didn't recognize you, I thought you were somebody's little girl standing outside of the office."  My take away from that exchange was, either she needs to get glasses or I should make sure I  have my ID if I'm going to try to buy any OTC allergy medicine with my hair in that style. I'm leaning more towards the first one.

* Supposedly Sigmund Freud said that, but don't quote me because I wasn't there so I can't be sure :).

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I'm starting something new

Necklace: J-Crew
Shirt: Target
Pants: Express seen here
Shoes: Nine West Kickstart wedge here
Bag: Kenneth Cole

My Pilates teacher recommended that I start the process to become a certified instructor myself. I decided to take her advice so I've registered for the first of a four part training series. If the odds are ever in my favor I should be a Level 1 certified instructor by October. The first training classes are in a couple weeks and I'm looking forward to it.

I also want to start taking some photography classes. I feel guilty every time I look at Max all tucked away in his case like, why did this chica buy me? I could have been at Costco still chilling with mi amigos.  I've heard writers say that they write something every day because the repetition benefits their craft. I'm going to see if that works for me by trying to, taking pictures daily.

Happy Hump Day.

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Mani of the Week: Orly Fancy Fuchsia

I am back on the pastel bandwagon. I had this color in my stash for a while and for some reason this week it just jumped out at me.  I think it is the perfect Spring color.  I love it! I know, I know I know, I loved the color last week and the one before that, but I swear to you this Orly Fancy Fuchsia is different, I loooovvvveee it. I loooovvvveee it like Heathcliff loved Catherine, like Martin loved Gina, like Mr. Rogers loved sweaters, like Ms. Piggy loves Kermit.  I could go on and on but my point is, this love is special.

I'm wearing two coats and drying time was average. I would describe it as a very bright electric pink. It's noticeable from across the room bright, it's and I quote "man you just opened up my sinuses"  bright. I may never take it off.

Have a great week :).

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Workouts-March 2012

We are in April. The first quarter of the year is over. I'm just gonna let that sink in for a minute.

Looking back at March my workout goals were to attend one yoga class a week, complete three outdoor runs and attend a Spin Class on Wednesday of every week.

The good:
  • I worked out 24 of the 31 days in the month
  • I attended a yoga class each week(yeahhhh!)
  • I attended a Spin Class every Wednesday except for one and I went to a Saturday class that week to make it up
  • I worked out at least 5 days a week for the month
The not so good:

  • I only did one outdoor run- 3/9

My goals for April are to:
  • Attend eight yoga classes(two/week)
  • Attend a Spin class at least once a week
  • Complete at least 3 outdoor 3 mile runs
  • Me after my run on 3/9
    That is all for now. Goodbye and be good :).
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YSL La Laque 126

YSL La Laque 126

 I decided to take a break from the pastels this week. This color was part of the YSL holiday trio seen here.  Have I mentioned how much I love the YSL bottle? I'm wearing two coats of La Laque 126 in the pics above. It was hard to capture it in the photos, but the color is a deep, dark bronze which does not look black in person. I get bored very quickly when it comes to nail polish colors so I generally don't repeat them, but I think I might make an exception for this one.

Have a great week!

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