This is What I Wore

Top: J-Crew
Pants: Express
Shoes: Tory Burch

I hope everyone had a good week. What did you guys wear on the first day of Spring?  I wore the top above to work. It reminds me of a water color painting of a garden in bloom. I've christened it my first day of Spring blouse. I have a St Patrick's day blouse(which I didn't wear this year because it fell on a weekend and my blouse is too cute for the weekend). I have a  Halloween shirt and now I have a first day of Spring blouse.

Yes I know, I know...just remember that this is a judgement free zone :).

Have a great week!

Stardate :12103.25


  1. Yasss! This Spring ensemble was definitely bangin'!!

  2. I love the bold pop of color there - definite spring!

  3. @Lisa-respect the shoes:
    Thank you. I think a little poc makes everybody happy:)