Red The Color of Angry Men

I hope everyone that celebrated Christmas had a great day. I had some family that arrived after the holiday, but for those that were able to make it Christmas morning was at my house.  After some last minute inspiration and a run to Target, I came up with the table setting above.  After all the eating and gift opening we decided to take in a movie.

Necklace: Loft
Turtle Neck: Target
Jeans: So old I can't tell
Shoes: Nine West

 I was bone tired so the best I could do was pull my hair back into a pony tail, throw on a red turtle neck, some comfy jeans and some sparkly shoes.   

Trying to keep up with the professional in the family

Unlike my sister(did I mention we were headed for a matinee) who rolled up looking like a bag full of money #doingthe most. We took some pics while we waited.

And then this happened.

Wait for it........


Wishing you all a new year filled with joy, love, prosperity and laughter. 2013 is going to be great. I can feel it.  See you there.

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At The End of The Day- Closet Confessions

First a word on my absence. All I remember is doing the Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Boot Camp DVD on a Saturday, then taking a relative to the Urgent Care Center the following Sunday, and by that Monday my body was in full on battle mode against the flu from hell.  And the war wages on. And as if fighting to not cough up a lung wasn't enough fun, I was smack dab in the middle of some home renovations, and then there was the family visiting from out of town. So yeah I've been going through some things.

Due to the renovations, I've been doing some serious purging of my closet lately and unfortunately the shoes above did not make the cut. There's nothing really wrong with any of them, but I'm really trying to get my closets to a place where every thing in them is something I love and use regularly.

     In the past couple weeks I've noticed that I've used the shoes above the most.  The black Tory Burch midi heels and the grey peep toe Nine West pumps are really the workhorses of my closet. I never would have thought that I would get so much wear out of a pair of grey shoes.

                      These are shoes that I'm determined to wear at least once before the year is over. I don't care if I have to wear them to the pharmacy.

 These shoes are a perfect example of the downside of online shoe shopping. I got my regular size in these pairs from Cole Haan, but both were too small. I wore the black pair(I'm blaming it on flu induced delirium) thinking they would stretch out. Yes, I realize now that nothing about that leather looks like it would stretch, but what can I say. I was sick, and I wanted to wear my new shoes. When I returned the purple ones, the associate told me to bring in the black pair, and they will stretch them to see if that makes a difference. I'll keep you guys posted.

I hope everyone is having a safe, and fun holiday season.  Thanks for reading!

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Classics and Compliments

Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Guess

Hello out there in blog land.  How are you guys?  We here at Of the Comely have been up to our neck in home repair projects. (That is a post for another day). I was wearing this outfit while wandering the aisles in one of those big box home improvement stores trying to find someone to give me a price check, when this lady complimented me on my shirt.   For some reason every time I wear this shirt someone compliments me on it. And every time I'm a little thrown  off by the compliment.

Random person: I like your shirt
Me: Huhmph? ( looks down to see what I'm wearing) Oh thanks !

Now don't get me wrong I thought it was a nice shirt, which is why I bought it, but I definitely wouldn't consider it the jewel of my closet.  I asked a friend of mine at work who always notices when I wear it what she liked about it and she said, you just can't go wrong with a classic button down shirt.  Hmmm sounds like I should invest in some more of them.

The shirt in all it's classic glory aka the Wait, is the flash on shot?

What classics have you guys been wearing for Fall?

Thanks for reading! Be well ^-^

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October 2012 workouts

I haven't posted my workouts in a while so I thought I would today. I'd stopped using weights while I was working on my Pilates certification so the big thing for me in October was getting back to a regular strength training routine.

Snapping pics at the Cable Row Machine

It had been so long, I'd forgotten how much I like strength training. On a strength training day I'll usually spend about 50 minutes at the gym. I start with the lower body- seated leg press, lying leg curls, thigh abductor/adductor, angled calf machine, seated leg curl, vertical leg press and end with the upper body- triceps press, shoulder press, chest press, front lat pull down, cable row machine. The jiggly bits definitely felt a bit tighter that month and I attribute it to the strength training :).

So far this month I've been uninspired and short on time which is a combo that leads to me using the treadmill a lot, but I plan to work these two DVDs into my regimen to spice it up a bit. It's been a while since I did anything other than a Pilates DVD so I'll let you know next month if I was able to stick with these.

Now what about you guys. Don't give me that look. I know all manner of temptations are abound this time of year, but I also know that you guys are still trying to stay active. Yes walking inside instead of using the drive through counts. You're moving so it counts :) Let me know how you're doing.

Thanks for reading! Be well ^-^


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Cave drawings

I am convinced that when the aliens decide to make their presence known there will be much amusement among them regarding our planet's obsession with Instagram. Little alien boys and girls will one day go to museums where they will be bored to tears as they meander through exhibits with photos of various examples of the human race and random objects from planet Earth in Valencia and Early Rise filters.
Below I have shared with you some of my humble contributions to history.  With captions!
Arrghh! The blue screen of death. Yes, I know you've never seen a phone like that before. Yes, I bought it this century. No, I never upgraded because it was still working.
      Day 4 and patiently waiting for my life to be changed.... 
 The only idiot person in Spin Class on Halloween. That's right. The o.n.l.y. one.  Just the instructor and I. The substitute instructor that is. The regular instructor wasn't there. Maybe they sent a text that I didn't get.( See first pic)
Found a bracelet I lost a  year ago. It was in the same jewellery box I turned upside down looking for it a year ago. Yeah that's life for you. I'm going with the universe wanted me to have two of them...

Doing some research on this rubber band watch trend.
Preparing fruits for the week
The most important thing I did all week.
Whose Instagrams are you guys finding Tate Modern worthy?  Leave me a comment with the info.
Thanks for reading!  Be well ^-^
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Darling Duos: MAC Cyber Lipstick and Dior Shadow Vernis

MAC Cyber(A52)
Dior Shadow(783)

I love the feeling you get when you stumble across things that work well together, like two day old toast you forgot in the toaster and left over guacamole from Chipotle.  I got that same feeling when I noticed MAC Cyber in Nordstroms while wearing Dior Shadow Vernis. It was like hey this lipstick matches my nails.  

Dior Shadow (783) - two coats

Dior Shadow is a blueish purple color with a tinge of goldish shimmer which is visible on the nail. I think it looks really pretty both in the bottle and on the nail.

MAC Cyber is a dark satin lipstick. It's more grape blood than oxblood but I think it's a really nice Fall color, and might be a good alternative for someone looking for a vamp look that's not red based.

In the pic above I'm wearing MAC Cyber over a lip balm.  Cyber is not the type of color I would normally wear on it's own, as the darker colors tend to unflatteringly highlight my bottom lip in all its Sponge Bob level crusty glory. But I've posted the pic here all in the name of science accurate blogging.  

Chanel Troublant Allure Gloss(68), Dior Shadow(783), MAC Cyber(A52)

I like how if you look at the top of the MAC lipstick that's now coated with the Troublant Gloss, it looks similar to the swirls in the bottle of the Dior Shadow Vernis. Now the duo look more like cousins on their father's side. You see the resemblance don't you?

In the pics above I'm wearing Chanel Troublant Gloss over the MAC Cyber. This is how I would normally wear Cyber. At least that's what I've done the 1 & 1/2 times I've worn it so far :)

What duos have you guys been wearing lately ?

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Diorific Vernis Diva(901) & Diorific Vernis Marilyn(751)

Left: Diorific Diva
Right: Diorific Marilyn

 Try and tell me that these bottles aren't just gorgeous. They remind me of  Russian nesting dolls, and my favorite Thanksgiving commercial.* Diorific Diva and Marilyn are from the Dior " Diorific Vernis Le Grand Bal" collection.  I bought Diva first at Macy's and I wasn't over the moon about the color but I loved the bottle so much that I got Marilyn shortly after at Bloomingdale's.

Diorific Vernis Diva- 3 Coats

Diva is a creamy deep dark black with specks of what to me look like gold, brown, and purple, that give it a hidden galaxy on your nails look. If you like your black polishes to have a lit from within glow then this is the one for you. It's growing on me, but I haven't worn it as a full manicure yet.  

See some more swatches of Diorific Diva here:

Diorific Vernis Marilyn - 2 coats
"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it" - Marilyn Monroe

Now Marilyn, I was all over. I love a nice red, and that is exactly what Marilyn is. A beautiful, feminine, classic red.

This pic was taken indoors. I like it because you can really see the moody starry night look Diva is giving you. There are two other colors in this line, Diorific Diorling- a really light frosty gold, and Diorific Lady- a frosty silver/white. Those two colors were definitely passes for me......but that bottle :)

Thanks for reading. Happy Czech Republic Independence Day. Have a great week!

*I know, I know I'm early but I love this. The ending gets me every time.

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Keeping up the temple


I readily admit that I am just as concerned about my outward appearance as any other red blooded woman. However, the older I get the more I realize that the right foundation, bronzer, shampoo or Spanx will only get you so far for so long, without a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen.  I'm very consistent when it comes to exercise, but a little less so when it comes to my diet. 

Lately I've been working on planning my meals for the week ahead of time. The hardest part of that process for me is getting to the grocery store. Two things we here at Of The Comely hate, are laundry and going to the grocery store. Why? Maybe it's because you have to leave the comfort of your home, drive to the grocery store, fight for a parking space, shake somebody down for a cart, use everything you learned in Geometry to get said cart through the aisles without dismembering any small children or the elderly, to pick through heaps of mushed, felt up fruits and veggies. Then you have to wait in line behind the person who wants to argue with the cashier as to why he/she/they should be able to use the ten cent coupon they clipped from Parade because the brand wasn't specified and there is no expiration date.  After which you push your goods out to your vehicle which is now completely surrounded by an assortment of carts, move those carts of of the way, put your groceries in your vehicle, use the carts to make a halo around the vehicle next to you and drive home. But wait there's more. You still have to unload the groceries, put them away and no you're not finished yet, you have to stand over a hot stove and cook them. But I've digressed.

  If the stars align, I make it to the grocery store during the weekend, and I start the week off with my refrigerator stocked like it is in the picture above.

                   Then on Sunday night I whip up a main dish and a salad that will last me at least two
                   days and then wash, rinse and repeat on Wednesday.

Tofu, onions, garlic & Tikka Masala simmer sauce

                            I started this week off with tofu and brown rice,

I read somewhere that glass containers were better than plastic for microwaving so I've been using glass dishes ever since

                                          with a Kale salad.

Kale, blueberries, oranges & ginger

I used some of the left over Kale when I was finished to make a nice smoothie.

What say you guys? Do you plan your meals in advance?

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Shoes, Glorious Shoes and Part 2 of Award

Enzo Angiolini Yoursonly here & here

There's nothing like coming home to a delivery of a great pair of shoes to end the day. I bought these puppies and the pair below during a Bloomingdale's promotion where you got an additional 20% off the sale price. How cuuuute is all that sparkle. I almost gave myself vertigo trying to walk and take a picture of the back of the shoes at the same time. So that didn't work out, but please take my word for it when I say these shoes know how to make an exit. The easiest thing for me to wear these with in my closet would be some skinny jeans, but I think these could be dressed up with a the right skirt or dress, especially around the holidays.

Badgley Mischka Ryba here &  here

I loved the stripes on these classic peep toe pumps.  

Haylees Wedges

 These wedges are from Payless. Yes I know! They were 1/2 off so I got each pair for less than $20. Yes I know!!. The shoes have a five inch wedge heel and are super comfortable. I've worn them both to work on jeans day and received tons of compliments. I have been a  Payless customer since high school. I have some Montego Bay Sandals that have been on several continents over the past decade and are still going strong. My only caveat with Payless is until they change their name to Paymore I find it hard to pay more than $20 for a pair of their shoes. I'm talking to you Mr. Christian "Fierce" Siriano.

And finally Part 2 of the Liebster Award. See Part 1 at the end of this post  here

1. What is the meaning of your first name: It has no meaning that I know of.
2. What inspired you to start blogging? All the great blogs I was reading.
3. What is your favorite childhood memory: Hard to pick just one, but I fondly remember going
                                                                       to the beach with my family.
4. What is your favorite fashion accessory?  I love all my children fashion accessories the same but
                                                                       to give you an answer I have a Yurman bracelet  that
                                                                        I wear often.
5. What is the one fashion item you ever splurged on? I think my first splurge was on a LV purse.
6. With a limited budget; bag, shoe or jewellery(Which one would you purchase?) Definitely bag.
7. What is the first thing you want people to know about you? The divine in me recognizes the divine
                                                                                                     in you.
8. What is your favorite color?: I always say that I don't have a favorite but people always tell me
                                                   that I wear colors in the pink, mauve purple family a lot.
9. Do you believe this earth will come to an end one day?  I think the earth as we know it will yes.
10. Do you believe in God? Yes
11. What is your favorite store to shop or who is your favorite designer? I'm all over the place,
      Target, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic. I'm a fan of anywhere/one that offers well made, quality

Happy Hump Day. Thanks for stopping by.

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