Mani of the week- Rimmel London Stiletto Red 375

Rimmel London Stiletto Red 375

As we get closer to Christmas I find that I'm leaning more towards the reds in my collection. I've had Rimmel Stiletto Red for a while but don't remember ever using it. I know for sure the bright color and the square bottle are what caught my eye.

On my monitor the pics above have a slight orange tinge. In person I think the color is more of a true candy apple red.  I'm wearing two coats in the pics above.  I can't think of any of the polish brands I use regularly that had a signature holiday red. I know Chanel had Pirate but that was a re-release. The trend this year seems to have been more metallics. I would have loved to have seen something bold, bright and deep. A fa la la la type color. In fact I think fa la la la would be a great name for a holiday polish. I'm off to google whether somebody already thought of that.

Have a great week.



  1. Happy holidays, girl, and lovely festive nails!

  2. @Lisa-respect the shoes:

    Thanks! Happy holidays to you too:)