Hair shots

This is a typical updo for me. When my hair is up like that I get the most questions about it.

Top 3 questions/sample conversations:


    The curious(TC) :           How long does that take?
    Me:                                 Excuse me?
    TC:                                 That(swirly point towards my head). That looks like it would take forever.
    Me:                                 No not really.  
    TC:                                 So how long does it take?
    Me:                                 Umm if I had to guess probably about 10 minutes.
    TC:                                 Nahhh.  No way that's done in 10 minutes.
    Me:                                 You mean the style?
    TC:                                 Yeah the swirly thing.
    Me:                                 Yep. It's pulled back into a ponytail and the ends are wrapped around
                                           and tucked in.
   RS:                                  Pause( wherein I assume they're trying to picture what I just said).
   RS:                                  Well it sure is different/interesting/pretty/cool/complicated looking/nice
   Me:                                  Uhh thanks. Are you done with that basket?  :)


Random Stranger(RS):    Does your neck hurt?
Me:                                  Huh?
RS:                                  Does your neck hurt you know with all of that....
Me:                                 Uh no I'm fine thank you :)
RS:                                  ...umm I like it.
Me:                                  Thanks :)


The doubter(TD):          Is that all your hair?
Me:                                Yep
TD:                                 I mean like the whole thing.
Me:                                 Si :).
TD:                                 Even the inside part
Me:                                 :) Uh huh
TD:                                 Mkay(squint, side eye)?         
Me:                                 Umm, where can I find the SD cards?    
TD:                                 At the front(still squinting and side eyeing)
Me:                                 Thanks.                                         

For the record I feel that if you want to know you should ask :)




  1. Alright, I'd be one of THOSE people. Though I wouldn't ask you, but would wonder in my head on how you do your hair. This should be counted lightly, because my hair expertise goes as far as "ponytail!"

  2. @Lisa-respect the shoes:
    LOL. You should never be afraid to ask. How else are you gonna find stuff out :)

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! I am unsure of what to do with my hair this winter, these photos just gave me inspiration!



  4. @Lynn:
    Thank you! I'd love to see what you decide to do with your hair :).