Accidental Columbus

Top: Jones New York Sport
Jeans: Lucky Brand Charlie Flare
Shoes: Nine West
I found a park. A full on FREE nature preserve park where you can boat, camp, bird watch and do other park stuff. I've lived in this area for  years and I found it for the first time the day I took the last two pics. I can only imagine what else I could find if I didn't have to go to work, which is why I'm a regular participant in the office lotto pool. I have dreams to fulfill and things to discover.

This was a casual Friday outfit. The tunic is one of my favorites. I love the colors, the print and the sleeve length. The jeans were a recent purchase. They are so light, they feel like I'm not wearing anything.  I have two other pairs of Lucky Jeans that I rotate constantly despite the other brands taking up space in my closet.  An old boss turned me on to them years ago and I've been a fan of Lucky ever since. Their stuff appeals to the hippie in me.

Take care.

Standing on the dock of the bay

Necklace: Kohl's
Blouse: Banana Republic
Pants: NY&Co
Belt: J-Crew
Shoes: Moda Spana- DSW
Bag: Cole Haan

One of the good things that has come out of me blogging is me exploring my neighborhood more. Now when I drive around I'm on the lookout for places that would make a nice background for my pics. This area was one I drove by regularly but never really noticed. It was so quiet and serene, and only one person passed by while I was there. I hope it wasn't a fluke because I plan to stop by more often.  

My favorite piece in this outfit is the blouse. I love the material and the lace pattern. I have the matching skirt but it's short and I'm not a short skirt girl unless I'm wearing tights. I added the jacket as I was running out the door. I was reaching for a black one when the olive green caught my eye. I think it worked out.

 Take Care.

Les Jeans De Chanel, Chanel Riva & Dior Bond Street

Left to right:
1. Chanel Blue Rebel
2. Chanel Blue Boy
3. Chanel Coco Blue
4. Chanel Riva- for comparision
5. Dior Bond Street-for comparison

Left to right:
1. Chanel Blue Rebel
2. Chanel Blue Boy
3. Chanel Coco Blue
4. Chanel Riva- for comparison
5. Dior Bond Street- for comparison

From Left to Right:
1. Chanel Blue Boy
2. Dior Bond Street
3. Chanel Blue Rebel

From left to right:
1. Chanel Riva
2. Chanel Coco Blue

Chanel Blue Boy, Blue Rebel and Coco Blue make up the Les Jeans De Chanel Collection. If you are a blue fanatic you will probably love all three colors.

I found the collection to be a little underwhelming in person. They just didn't wow me.  Of the three if I had to pick a favorite it would be Coco Blue. It's similar to Chanel Riva from Monday's post in that they're both slightly watery and would need multiple coats to really see the color, but they're not identical as you can see from the pics.

I added the Dior Bond Street to the line up to show how similar it is to Chanel Blue Rebel. I haven't tried any of these as a full manicure yet. I'll give it some time to see if they grow on me :).

Chanel Riva- Mani of the week

There are a lot of blues floating about for Fall. Riva actually goes back to November/December 2010 from the Côte d'Azur Makeup Collection.  It's a very light, whey like powder blue with a shimmer so subtle I think you'd need a microscope to see it on the nail. I'm wearing three coats in the pics above. It has a very thin almost watery consistency so you would definitely need more than one coat. I think it's a fun color and I hope that fun somehow embeds itself into the long work week I have ahead.

I just found this awesome app on my found. I'm always finding things that have probably been around for ages, but I'm fashionably late like that :). It's a free android app called vignette demo. I used it above on the photos I took of Chanel Riva. It was a lot of fun playing around with the different options and I like the effects.

Dear Lord, please let me win the lotto this week so I can pursue photography full time while working on world peace.

Have a great week !

Grey Musings Through a Yellow Lens

What? You wanna take a picture here?

Umm yeah sure. Lemme just fix my shirt.

Okay. I'm ready :)

Necklace: Banana Republic
Shirt: Mystique Boutique in NYC-gift from sis
Jeans: Lucky
Shoes: Coach Wedges

My love affair with all things grey is legendary.  I can't trace it and to be honest I don't even understand it. If you ask me I'll say I love bright colors and patterns and I do, but the odds of me leaving a store without something grey are slim to none. There's something about grey that I find calming and comforting. Also, although I like pretty, frilly, frothy, light girly things there's a part of me that also likes the edgy and the industrial and I find that in grey as well.

The top was a gift from my sister who's all about the slouchy tops. I think she's on a crusade to bring back the flash dance era. She was wearing this top in black when I picked her up from the airport recently. I was very happy when she gifted me with my own.

We were knocking about in the mall the day we took these pics and several people coplimented me on my top. I was a little surprised because although I really liked it I didn't think it would be the type of shirt that would catch anyone else's eye. Due to the positive feedback, I've decided I should get some more slouchy tops......hint, hint sis :).

To Grey or Gray....that is the question.

YSL La Laque: 43 Wintergreen & 44 Midnight Blue Comparisons

I found these online at Neiman Marcus. I posted about Wintergreen on Monday.  I have a couple of blue polishes so I knew I was running the risk of already having something similar to the YSL Midnight Blue, but I took a chance on it anyway.

Left to right:

1. YSL 44 Midnight Blue
2. Dior Tuxedo
3. Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm
4: Chanel Blue Satin

These are the blues I have that are similar to the YSL Midnight Blue.

Index: YSL Midnight Blue
Middle: Dior Tuxedo
Ring: RBL Dead Calm
Pinkie: Chanel Blue Satin

Index: YSL Midnight blue
Middle: Dior Tuxedo
Ring: RBL Dead Calm
Pinkie: Chanel Blue Satin

On me the Midnight Blue, Dior Tuxedo and the Chanel Blue Satin are virtually identical indoors. Outdoors the Dior Tuxedo seems to be more of a deep grape blue and the Chanel Blue Satin and the YSL Midnight Blue are indistinguishable. The RBL Dead Calm is noticeably different indoors and outdoors. Next to the other three it seems to be more of a royal navy. 

The midnight blue is a nice color but not particularly unique. The take away for me is unless I'm changing my name to Smurfette I don't need any more blues  :o)..

Have a great day !

YSL La Laque Winter Green #43 - Mani of the Week

Wintergreen is from YSL for the fall. There is a second color #44- Midnight Blue which I also bought.
I'll post the pics of that one later this week. I got them both online at Neiman Marcus. The bottle caught my eye. Try to tell me that bottle isn't gorgeous. You can't do it can you?

I got a thumbs up from my manicurist and from the lady who was getting her nails done next to me on this color. It's a blue green/teal with a shimmer that seems to come from deep within the polish. I'm wearing two coats in the pics above.  I  couldn't get my pics to show the shimmer but trust me it's there. The closest color I have to Wintergreen is Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal.

Left: RBL Teal
Right: YSL Wintergreen

Top: RBL Teal
Bottom: YSL Wintergreen

They are in the same family but the RBL color is deeper and more opaque because there's no shimmer. With the YSL Wintergreen it's like being out in the ocean on a dark night and watching twinkles of light reflecting on the surface. It's a beautiful color and I'm glad to add it to the family.

Have a great week !

Laura Mercier Lip Glace - Plum Noir & Mauve Plum

Image from here

I was leaving Bloomingdale's when I saw the gorgeous photo in the pic above on display. I waited for ever for the SA to finish his personal grooming, asked the SA about the lipstick the model on the left was wearing and he told me it was Plum Noir and Mauve Plum. He handed me two lip glosses and went back to brushing his hair.

Top: Plum Noir
Bottom: Mauve Plum

Plum Noir

Mauve Plum

Both colors have a nice subtle scent and were very easy to apply. I've had experiences with lip gloss in the past where I had some difficulty getting the product out and when I did it was so little that it took several tries before I could get enough gloss to apply evenly. These glosses also weren't too sticky, goopy or shiny. I've never used anything from Laura Mercier before but I love these two glosses so I definitely will be going back for more.

Now I'm 89% sure the model isn't wearing  these but it's okay because I think these colors work for me and I was turned on to a new brand. Yeah for discovering new things :)

Everything has a beginning

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day. I spent mine at the beach testing out my first tripod and hanging out with the mum and sis shopping, and trying on makeup in Sephora.

I tip my hat to you ladies and gents that take pics outside of your home regularly. I almost passed out from nervousness and fear while taking the shots above. Every time I saw a car pulling up I would jump back in mine and pretend to be texting or talking on the phone until the people in the other car drove off. It's a good thing you can't see my face because I had a frightened animal on the run thing going on which was not cute.

When I was doing it I felt like I was taking tons of pics. When I got home I had a whopping............ wait for it.................... 4 shots. That's right four pictures total?!! That's all I got for taking years off of my life and risking arrest (do i need a permit to do this?), four pictures.  And, to add insult to injury in at least two of the pictures I had SBS(Saggy Boob Syndrome), an arm chub close up, and some strange effect where the sunlight seems to be making the pattern on the dress bleed that I've decided to play off as an artistic shot. 

I considered not posting them but everything has a beginning. As such, I give you what I'm counting as my first true outfit post. The dress is from Target. I loved the pattern, the colors and the length. It's a great travel piece as all you need to do is wash it wring it and hang it. No ironing or dry cleaning needed. Easy, breezy, and comfy- my kind of style.

Happy Hump Day !

Chanel Django - Mani of the Week

 This week's manicure is Django which was a Spring 2009 color from Chanel. It's a soft peachy beige with just a hint of shimmer. I'm wearing two coats in the pics above.  I don't think it's a particularly unique color. Although I'm sure there are lots of brands out there with something similar, I don't have anything comparable.

The lovely lady that does my nails told me she didn't care for this color very much( have I mentioned she's very opinionated?).  According to her it's the type of color that tends to apply streaky unless you know what you're doing.  I can tell you I didn't notice that, but what do I know.

I think it's a very wearable color that might work as a neutral on lighter skin tones. On me I think it looks simple and subtle.

Happy Labor Day & Have a great week !