Milani Juicy Glo - Mani of the week

From left to right:
1. Paradise Pink
2. Lemongello
3. Juicy Glo

Milani Juicy Glo
Milani Lemongello

I found this brand at CVS.  The Lemongello caught my attention first. It seemed similar to Chanel Mimosa, so I decided to get it to compare the two.  I also know a guy with the last name Lemongello :).  I bought the other two colors to see how the polish from this line applies and how long it lasts. I love bright anything so the Juicy Glo was an obvious choice and, who doesn't love a sweet baby pink. 

I tried all three colors on a couple of my nails when I got home. The Paradise Pink was watery and the brush was splintered. The Lemongello was a lot sheerer than it looked in the bottle but no brush issues. I'll post how it compares to Mimosa later. The Juicy Glo in the bottle seemed similar to colors I  already had, but on the nail stood out as a bright tomato red jelly. I don't think I have any other jelly polishes. 
This week I decided to go with the Juicy Glo because I am determined to squeeze every last drop of summer. I think a bright tomato orange with a name like Juicy Glo shows how serious I am. It's too early to comment on how long it lasts, but it dried well and my manicurist didn't seem to have any issues with the application.

 When I was taking these pics I came across a nice spider's web and I couldn't resist taking some shots with it :).
  Check out my little friend. I named him Charlotte. 

A fresh manicure in a great shade and all is well with my soul :).

Have a great week!


  1. That is definitely the ideal summer shade--nice pick! And I love the precision of your edges... I don't get my nails manicured because I don't trust anyone else to file them the way I like (I know, it sucks being a perfectionist)! :oP But your manicurist is definitely keeping it tight!

  2. Your nails are awesome. I like all of the colors that you've selected. I would wear those oranges in fall as well. I love the last shot.

  3. @ Dr Reginia:

    Thanks ! That color lasted till my next appointment so I will definitely be using it again.

  4. I love this orange color it’s perfect for summer and fall!