Kenneth Cole

One for Mummy

One for me :)

The kids and their parents are getting ready to head back to school in the coming weeks around here. In my day that meant getting a new bag for the school year (until I got a Jansport that I think I used from 12th grade through college). Although I didn't have starting school as an excuse to go bag shopping I did need to get the great illuminator- my mother, a new bag for work.  I had a couple stores in mind but never made it pass Kenneth Cole's 40% off sale.

My mother does not like bags that don't zip all the way across so that was the one requirement I had. In addition to zipping all the way across I was also looking for something with a zippered outside pocket she could put her cell phone and keys in. She is a notorious, ohh I didn't hear the phone, it must have been deep down in my bag er.

The lovely to the right in the pics (did I mention all bags were 40% off) I'd seen in the store before and liked, but had no intentions of paying full price for. Patience grasshopper, patience. So I was super psyched to see it was part of their sale. I wouldn't rule out using it for work, but it will probably be more of a weekend bag for me. I lovvve the studded detail on the handle. 

My mummy was pleased with her bag. I got an A for effort and presentation.

Happy Hump Day :)


  1. What a great deal 40% off. I really like your bag :D

  2. Such a great find, I love it!



  3. Woohoo great deals are the best!

  4. @Katie Mac:

    The sale gods were smiling down on me!