Out of Print

 I was looking for a birthday present for my brother online one year when I found Out of Print. here
They sell t-shirts that feature iconic and often out of print book covers. According to their website for each shirt they sell one book is donated to a community in need through a partnership with Books For Africa. My brother is a voracious reader so I knew one of their shirts would be a great gift for him. I got him the shirt below. It arrived on time and in good condition, and my brother liked his gift.

Fahrenheit 451 book cover t-shirt
Image from Out of Print here

That in itself would be a good story, but there's more. I'd mentioned in the comment section when I was buying the shirt for my brother that I didn't see one of my favorite classics as an option. Imagine my surprise when months later I got an email from them telling me that they now offered that shirt.

Wuthering Heights book cover t-shirt
Image from Out of Print here

Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books. I did an unscientific poll of my friends once and determined that it's the kind of book you either love and re-read, or you never finished it and don't get what the big deal is. I didn't find much middle ground.

I really like my shirt and I wear it often. It's held up to all the washing and wearing.
Per a recent email, *Out of print is offering 20% off all orders with the coupon "BACKTOSCHOOL" until September 2nd. I'm deciding between these two:

Pride and Prejudice book cover t-shirt
Image from Out of Print here
Pride and Prejudice book cover fleece
Image from Out of Print here

* I do not work for Out of Print and am not affiliated with them in anyway. They do seem to be cool
   people and they definitely have great customer service.

Happy Hump Day from Team Heathcliff!!!!

Where do you keep your pretties?

I l.o.v.e nail polish. I love all the different colors. I love the shapes of the bottles. I love the names of the polishes. I love it all.

I bring my own color with me when I get my nails done so I'm always on the look out for new shades/brands. I don't have hundreds of bottles, but I do have enough that I had to find somewhere to keep them.  I've read that nail polish should be kept in a cool dark place, but I couldn't bear to keep my pretties locked away in a cabinet or drawer (no need to call protective services, they are in a cool dry place and not under any direct light).  Plus I like to see them, it's like looking at candy in a candy jar to me, so I keep my polishes on clear polish racks.

 I have two small racks and two large racks. The small racks are approximately 13 inches wide and 6 1'2 inches long. I got the small racks from a local Asian beauty supply store. I can get 37-44 bottles on the small rack depending on the size of the bottles. There are four rows on the small rack. The large racks are 16 x11x2 and can hold approximately 60 bottles. There are five rows on the large racks. I got them  here at the Supply Source. I've ordered from the Supply Source twice with no issues. I have one of each size rack in the pics above.

I'm always changing them around. Sometimes I arrange them by color, other times by shapes and brands. It's the little things that make me happy:).

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Essie Luxedo- Mani of the week

 I picked this up earlier in the summer here . This is a deep, deep purple that looks black unless it's in direct sunlight. I think it's a shade that would be universally flattering. I'm guessing the name is a play on tuxedo black. I don't believe certain colors should only be worn certain times but something about this color says sexy date night to me.  I'm wearing two coats in the pics above. It applied without any problems.

I fully intended to continue with shiny, poppy bright nails until summer ended, but I woke up this weekend to rain and a flat tire. Also, the kids in my neck of the woods are headed back to school so that means more traffic this week, and did I mention it was raining. So this week I decided to go with something a wee bit edgier.

A fresh manicure in a great shade and all is well with my soul [even if i don't sound like it ]  :).

Have a great week !

Covergirl Smoky Fumee & Divine Divine, MAC Spice it Up Comparisons

Covergirl Smoky Fumee

Covergirl Divine Divine

 I'm noticing a trend in the lipsticks I'm buying. I'm picking out basically the same shades, a pink/mauve and a brown/rust in different brands. I'm going to give myself a pass since I'm still in the experimental stage when it comes to lipstick. 

I picked these up at Target. They have a nice creamy texture and felt really good on.  My lips tend to be on the dry side and I found both colors to be somewhat moisturizing.  So far these lipsticks are my favorite. The Smoky Fumee was the "neutral" I was looking for. The color is noticeable but subtle. I love it! The Divine Divine is also nice pop of color and it works well with the pinkishness of my bottom lip.

MAC Spice it Up!

Covergirl Smoky Fumee

When I first tried the Covergirl Smoky Fumee I thought it was very similar to MAC Spice it up. From the pics above I would say they they are in the same family but definitely not dupes. I think the Smoky Fumee leans a little more towards the rust end of the brown spectrum when compared to MAC Spice it up. Of the two I prefer the Covergirl Smoky Fumee.  Target for the score :).

Kenneth Cole

One for Mummy

One for me :)

The kids and their parents are getting ready to head back to school in the coming weeks around here. In my day that meant getting a new bag for the school year (until I got a Jansport that I think I used from 12th grade through college). Although I didn't have starting school as an excuse to go bag shopping I did need to get the great illuminator- my mother, a new bag for work.  I had a couple stores in mind but never made it pass Kenneth Cole's 40% off sale.

My mother does not like bags that don't zip all the way across so that was the one requirement I had. In addition to zipping all the way across I was also looking for something with a zippered outside pocket she could put her cell phone and keys in. She is a notorious, ohh I didn't hear the phone, it must have been deep down in my bag er.

The lovely to the right in the pics (did I mention all bags were 40% off) I'd seen in the store before and liked, but had no intentions of paying full price for. Patience grasshopper, patience. So I was super psyched to see it was part of their sale. I wouldn't rule out using it for work, but it will probably be more of a weekend bag for me. I lovvve the studded detail on the handle. 

My mummy was pleased with her bag. I got an A for effort and presentation.

Happy Hump Day :)

Milani Juicy Glo - Mani of the week

From left to right:
1. Paradise Pink
2. Lemongello
3. Juicy Glo

Milani Juicy Glo
Milani Lemongello

I found this brand at CVS.  The Lemongello caught my attention first. It seemed similar to Chanel Mimosa, so I decided to get it to compare the two.  I also know a guy with the last name Lemongello :).  I bought the other two colors to see how the polish from this line applies and how long it lasts. I love bright anything so the Juicy Glo was an obvious choice and, who doesn't love a sweet baby pink. 

I tried all three colors on a couple of my nails when I got home. The Paradise Pink was watery and the brush was splintered. The Lemongello was a lot sheerer than it looked in the bottle but no brush issues. I'll post how it compares to Mimosa later. The Juicy Glo in the bottle seemed similar to colors I  already had, but on the nail stood out as a bright tomato red jelly. I don't think I have any other jelly polishes. 
This week I decided to go with the Juicy Glo because I am determined to squeeze every last drop of summer. I think a bright tomato orange with a name like Juicy Glo shows how serious I am. It's too early to comment on how long it lasts, but it dried well and my manicurist didn't seem to have any issues with the application.

 When I was taking these pics I came across a nice spider's web and I couldn't resist taking some shots with it :).
  Check out my little friend. I named him Charlotte. 

A fresh manicure in a great shade and all is well with my soul :).

Have a great week!

July Workouts and Gadgets


In July the plan was to focus more on weight training. I was travelling early in the month, and then had to play catch up at work when I got back, so it was an off month for me for working out in general. However I did more weight training than last month so I'm giving myself a solid meets.

My gym late at night( quiet, solitude, yeah !!)

I'm trying to maintain the weight training during August. The key for me is to get to the gym when it's like the pic above.

I got this Timex Ironman Triatholon watch one Christmas from the family. I was training for a marathon that year and sent out an email mentioned to a couple people that this would help me with my training.  After the race I continued to use it as my sports/gym watch. It has chrono, interval, timer and recovery modes and a heart rate monitor as you can see in the pic above.  It's a good watch that has served me well. However, there are some features that I want now that this does not have. This watch does not track distance, so if you're running in an area that hasn't already been plotted you have to kind of google map guesstimate it. It also doesn't track the calories burnt which I didn't think was that big a deal until recently.

I got this Polar F6 heart rate monitor watch this week from a friend at work. We'd had a conversation before where we were talking about working out and I mentioned that I planned on getting a new sports watch. Imagine my absolute and utter glee when she showed up unexpectedly with this!!!! It's an older model and it's a man's watch, but it was brand spanking new, fresh out of the box and never used [there was a divorce, but it's all good because their still friends and everybody's happy now, especially me :)].

This watch, gives your heart rates as beats per minute, % of heart rate, average and maximum heart rate. It has a stopwatch, countdown timer, automatic determination of your heart rate zones. It also counts and displays calorie expenditure and lets you upload all the data online. It does not track distance in miles from what I've sen so far, but  I've only had it a day and a half so I'm still going through the manual. It's very user friendly.  Check this out.


Try to tell me that's not awesome. You don't even have to like to sweat. You can wear it and track how many calories you burn while trying on clothes, while painting your nails or while reading blogs about people trying on clothes and painting their nails. The possibilities are endless.  I'm very grateful to my friend. I  think however that this is also an example of how the universe will provide. If you want it speak on it, put it out there. Don't be shy :)

Have a great weekend!

Weekend Snapshot


L'Occitane: Bath gels
Bare Minerals: price night treatment powder vs QVC?
Sephora: Fresh soy face cleanser, brush for Clarisonic
Bloomingdales: Jas- Yurman charity pre-sale ? %
Newwork bag for Mummy: J Crew, BR, Kenneth Cole, Coach ??

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THE LOOT: { (some of it :) }

From left to right:

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil
L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Bath and Shower Gel
L'Occitane Green Tea with Jasmine Eau De Toilette
L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Shower Gel

In front:

L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% Shea Butter

I posted about the Almond Shower Oil before here. The Fleur Cherie Bath and Shower Gel is part of the orange blossom line at L'Occitane. It has a very light, feminine, subtle and fresh scent.  It is 8.4 oz and has lasted for about two months for me in the past.  A little goes a long way and you get amazing lather with just a small drop. I love how divine the bathroom smells after using this shower gel. 

L'Occitane Fleur Cherie Bath and Shower gel and Eau de Toillet

I like to layer it with the Fleur Cherie Eau De Toilette which has neroli and orange blossom notes. It's subtle enough though that you could layer it with anything. The Fleur Cherie is definitely a feminine scent so if you prefer unisex fragrances, it might not appeal to you.

 L'Occitane Green Tea with Jasmine Eau De Toilette

This was my first purchase of the Green Tea with Jasmine Eau De Toillete. The bottle and packaging grabbed my attention. The notes per L'Occitane are bitter orange and cardamom - top,  green tea extract and jasmine absolute- middle, thyme and cedar- bottom. I've only used it once so far but I would describe it as a unique, sexy and elegant scent. Like all of the L'Occitane products I've tried it was long lasting without being overbearing. It's light enough to be worn year round, but I think this would be excellent in the cooler months as there's a warmness to the scent.

If I had to compare, I'd say Fleur Cherie is, "why don't you and your friends meet us at ........", and the Green Tea with Jasmine Eua De Toilette is, "just the two of us, I'd like that...."

L'Occitane Citrus Verbena Shower Gel

The Citrus Verbena Shower Gel smells just like you think it would from the name. The ingredients are grapefruit and verbena lemon. It's clean, awakening, fresh and great for that pick me up in the mornings when you wake up and realize it's only Wednesday and not Friday. ( I know I'm not the only one that happens to :0).  It's a best seller on the L'Occitane website here.

The hand lotions are staples for me. I keep one in the car and one in my purse. I'm always applying lotion to my hands so the one I keep in my purse usually only lasts about a month.

Has anyone tried any of these from L'Occitane?  Who makes your favorite bath gels, lotions, toilettes? I love discovering new products/brands.

Happy Hump Day!

Chanel Pulsion- Mani of the Week

If you look carefully at the leaves you'll see it was a wet weekend in my neck of the woods. It was somewhat overcast when I took these pics, so the color is a little muted. In person Chanel Pulsion is a hot pink bordering on fuchsia creme.  It was released as a Chanel 2010 holiday color. I'm not a season purist but to me it's more of spring, summer color. It could be a one coater but I like my polish somewhat thick so I always get a least two coats. 

I'm fine with the rain when I can stay home all snuggled up. When I have to go to work in the rain however, I get all woe is me. They're predicting rain all week so I picked a color that would work as as my mental umbrella.

A fresh manicure in a great shade and all is well with my soul :)

Have a great week!