Where in the world....

First Impressions

The Dusk Bride

Safe within your arms

The Maritime Tabernacle Jubilee

The Universal Language

...what peace there may be in silence

Everything that has a beginning has an ending

I'm back from my relaxing vacay. The locale was charming, the people were friendly, the food was tasty and the sights were plenty. I took hundreds of pics in addition to the ones above.

 Can you guess where? If you do... you get the pleasure of knowing you were right (as usual  : > )
I'll give you a little hint. When I was there I ate tons of   _._._o._.g._ and it was good.


  1. these pictures are absolutely beautiful but I cannot guess where you are lol comme-coco.blogspot.com

  2. @ J.Jehanne:
    Thanks! It's Old San Juan :)