Chanel Graphite and Peridot- limited edition Fall 2011 colors

Graphite and Peridot are part of the Chanel 2011 Fall collection and are limited edition colors. I was disappointed with these shades. In the bottles they looked richly layered and highly pigmented. On the nail they applied flat and dull especially the Peridot which is the shade I was most excited about.

pointer and middle finger: Chanel Peridot
ring and pinkie: Graphite

Chanel Graphite 3 coats

Of the two Graphite was the more tolerable. I actually wore Graphite as a full manicure. It has more of a festive holiday/Winter feel to me than Fall.  Peridot was so unflattering on my dark skin that I could only stand it on the two fingers for purposes of this post. There is a third shade Quartz that makes up the limited edition trio. I passed on it after seeing how these two applied.