Simply Vera Wang

Simply Vera Wang Tunic
J-Crew Skinny Belt

This was a clearance rack find at Kohl's. I don't think I paid more than eight bucks for it if that.    I loved the print, the colors and the u neck of this Simply Vera Wang tunic right away. The fit was another story. Unbelted this tunic looks like a maternity top on me which almost made me not buy it. I took a chance because I thought I could make it work belted. I'm glad I did because I think it works.  

These accessories are also from the Simply Vera line at Kohl's. The bronze necklace was a recent purchase. The silver necklace and bracelet I've had for quite some time.

I like the texture and the weight of these pieces. Kohl's is usually a miss for me, but when I do have some luck it's with the Vera Wang line. I checked and Kohl's seems to offer Simply Vera in their online stores as well. I'm all for the designer/department store collaborations.

Have a great week.

Chanel Graphite and Peridot- limited edition Fall 2011 colors

Graphite and Peridot are part of the Chanel 2011 Fall collection and are limited edition colors. I was disappointed with these shades. In the bottles they looked richly layered and highly pigmented. On the nail they applied flat and dull especially the Peridot which is the shade I was most excited about.

pointer and middle finger: Chanel Peridot
ring and pinkie: Graphite

Chanel Graphite 3 coats

Of the two Graphite was the more tolerable. I actually wore Graphite as a full manicure. It has more of a festive holiday/Winter feel to me than Fall.  Peridot was so unflattering on my dark skin that I could only stand it on the two fingers for purposes of this post. There is a third shade Quartz that makes up the limited edition trio. I passed on it after seeing how these two applied.

Keep it simple sailor or walk the plank

Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Limited

This morning I woke up and grabbed the first thing I could find in my closet. These pants were part of a suit that had been dry cleaned and this shirt was one I'd never worn because  I thought it fit a little too loose. No matter I was running late and needed something to wear.  Wouldn't you know it this "outfit" was a hit at work. It's always like that, like when you think you're all bummy looking and least expect it  is when a cute guy comes up to you and asks you for your number. Maybe that's just my life, but I digress, after  looking at these pics I think I can claim somewhat of a nautical theme. The ruffles on the shirt are kind of pirate-ish and the buttons on the pants are giving me a sailor vibe. What say you mateys?

Souvenirs from Vietnam

My sister went to Vietnam and she brought me back this lovely shirt and the matching pants. I didn't get any shots of the pants, but they are lightweight and super comfy and they've been in steady rotation since I got them. The pants are navy and seem to be made from a super light cotton with an elasticized hem at the bottom so they can be worn as capris or longer to the ankles.....and they feel like heaven.

I love the colors and the button details on the side and the collar of the shirt. The shirt seems to also be cotton. It's just as breathable as the pants but with a little more weight.

My sister enjoyed her time in Vietnam and has said she'd like to go back. I might just have to tag along with her next time.

 Sorry the pics are a little fuzzy, they were taken spur of the moment with an Ipad touch. ):

Grrrowl, Ratttle, Hissssss

I've never been a big fan of animal prints(ducks to avoid all the things being thrown my way). I'm okay with it in small doses( belts, small wallets sunglasses and shoes) but for some reason anything more than that and it just weirds me out. These shoes and a small wallet are the only things I own with an animal print.
I knew B. Makowsky designed purses but I didn't know he did shoes. I got the pair above from Nordstrom Rack. Despite the high heel length these shoes are super comfortable. I find myself reaching for them over and over again. I think because the shoe is darker I'm comfortable wearing it as a neutral with different pieces in my wardrobe.

I got this pair at DSW. The top of the shoes reminds me of the underside of a manta ray. They're not as
comfortable as the Makowsky's and I think I've only worn them twice so far, but they seem well made so
no buyer's regret yet.

Thus endeth the safari, dessert, ocean tour of my closet. Thank you for keeping all arms and legs inside
the vehicle.

Inbetweeny- Looking for a tailor

Sometime last month I was looking for a cute top to wear to a graduation. I'd been eyeing this Elie Tahari number in Bloomingdale's but was not going to pay the $90+ original price. It was finally marked down as part of a sale they were having so I decided to try it on.  Alas it was not meant to be. The extra small fit a little too close and the small was gaping too much in the front and too loose in the back. I'm wearing the extra small in the pic. The sales person at first suggested I go with the extra small. I told her I wouldn't be able to gain a pound or do any excessive hugging at the graduation. She then suggested I get the small and have someone take in the back and adjust the front. Umm no. Although I loved the print and the colors and it was priced as it should have been from the beginning  and it was on sale I left it. I've made that mistake in the past of buying something and telling myself I would get it adjusted. What always ended up happening was that it would sit in the closet unworn. I've been on the hunt for a good tailor for years.   

Maybe I should just take up sewing :)

NARS: Wonder & Bouganville Lip Gloss and MAC Chesnut Lip Pencil

From top to bottom:
  1. NARS Wonder lip gloss
  2. MAC Chestnut lip liner
  3. NARS Bougainville lip gloss

Swatches in outdoor lighting- overcast day

Swatches in indoor lighting

 I love nail polish and wear it regularly, but I don't really consider it makeup. When I think of makeup I think of lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner,  basically from the neck up. I do wear lip stick and eyeliner sometimes. I just don't wear them enough to develop any type of proficiency when it comes to application. I am also not good at tracing, outlining, drawing or shading anything. It's a congenital issue. However, in my ongoing effort to get my grown woman on  appear more polished, I've bought some makeup recently and I'm trying to wear at least lipstick and liner twice a week and reapply them at least two times throughout the day.  I've tried this before but I drink a lot of water during the day so by 11:00am all of my mornings efforts were around the rim of my water bottle and by 11:15 I'd  be turning to my old faithfuls.
Old Faithful 1 & Old Faithful 2
This time I'm making a vow to touch it up/reapply throughout the day so I've been practicing.  First up we have NARS Bougainville lip gloss with the MAC Chestnut liner. I know I bought a liner from NARS but I can't find it....
In the bottle Bougainville is a deep purple, but it applies lighter than it looks. When I bought lipstick in the past I tended to go for colors in this family, mauve, burgundy, pinkish etc.

Next below we have NARS Wonder. I bought this one because I was trying to get away from the pink/purple family and I thought it could be more of a neutral?

   This is my first makeup post EVER!


Dooney & Burke


 I got this little pretty while I was on vacation. [here]. It was 40%  off with an additional 25% discount because it was the fourth of July weekend. **Score **.  I like the shape of the bag and I lovvvve the color and it has feet( **double score**). My sister said it was giving her a 60s vibe.

I checked my bags and found this Dooney above I'm guessing is from circa 2000-2001. Dooney makes good leather products that wear well over time. As a brand I think they fell victim to the coat of many colors syndrome as did Coach and Louis Vuitton to some extent. I like all types of handbags but for the most part I tend to lean towards classic shapes and clean lines and with some exceptions usually stay away from busy prints and logos. I used to have a closet with more patterns and prints,(when my thighs were smaller and I didn't need the slimming effect of monochrome colors) and I was always afraid of looking like a bowl of off brand alphabet soup with a heavily logoed bag.

Yeah for bright accessories and great sales :).

Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase- Mani of the week

Necklace: from street vendor in Peru

Chartreuse is one of those colors that whenever I wear it I get a compliment, but I never remember that when I'm shopping or buying accessories so I don't have a lot of chartreuse in my wardrobe. This color in the bottle looks slightly watery and I was concerned that it would apply that way on the nails.  I was happy that after the second coat it was opaque. It has a pearlescent finish that you can really see in the direct sunlight, but was slightly matte before the final clear top coat.

Sally Hansen and I go way back to the days when I used to try to do my nails myself in high school here.  Yet I could not remember the last time I did a manicure using that brand. I checked my polishes and I had more Sally Hansen bottles than I thought. 

From left to right:
  1. Polar Bare 120
  2. Plum Licorice 4134-41
  3. All the White Stuff 4120-37
  4. Navy Baby 4120-59
  5. The Deepest of Violets 4134-57
  6. Chartreuse Chase (Insta Dri)
Now that we're staring down Fall and Winter isn't too far away I'm glad I was reminded of these. The Deepest of Violets and All the White Stuff would be great colors for the upcoming months.  The thanks go to my mumsie who bought me the bottle of Chartreuse Chase.

See I told you I liked it :)

June Workouts Recap and July Goals

Let's recap. In May (here) I said I wanted to focus more on weight training this month. How'd I do?  A shameful two weight training sessions. So I'm making that my goal again for July. What happened? I'm not making any excuses but just looking objectively I think it was my work schedule. If I'm gonna do weights at the gym I want to either be in there at the crack of dawn or in the dead of night. I hate the hovering that happens when your trying to do your thing and somebody is hanging around waiting to use the same machine.
It's the same feeling I get when I'm in any kind of line and people are behind me. I feel pressured to go faster(maybe just me idk?).

So looking back June was a busy month at work and I was going in extra early some days and working extra late the others, so while I was able to get up to go to some of the earlier morning classes it was not early enough to hit the weights. What about the weekends ? Well that's when I catch up on my sleep. Which brings me to another goal for July, to get  8 hours more than 3 hours of sleep.

Happy feet, Pretty scents


I mentioned my search for some new cute sandals (here). I found some in Clarks, yes that Clarks and they were on sale. Clarks has really stepped up their game with their selection of women's shoes. The ones above come in a bronze and pewter. I wanted the bronze but they didn't have it in my size so I picked up the pewter.

On the same day I bought the sandals I saw this perfume in Gap and fell in love with the name, the scent, the shape of the bottle and the packaging that reminded me of one of those magic props that the magician throws the cape over and then removes to reveal that his pretty assistant has disappeared. It seems it's been out since 2009. I don't know how I hadn't noticed it before. It has a really gentle long lasting scent which seems to be a mix of Jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla. It's awesome and I've been wearing it exclusively since I bought it. I have the 1.7 fl oz which was $25.00.  I love it so much I should really stock up.


Mani of the week- Chanel Madness

I picked this up in the airport on my way back home from my recent vacation. I've found that the airports in some countries carry a surprisingly vast array of cosmetics, designer goods, perfumes etc., so I always try to check them out when I'm travelling. I had never heard of this color before so when I got home I googled it and supposedly this color came out in 2007.  In the bottle it looked somewhat purple. To me it looks like a true brown on my fingers. My mother complimented me on it.

From left to right:

1. Barielle Coco Bar
2. OPI Suzy Says Da
3. Chanel Madness
4. MAC Sly as a Fox

Comparisons in indoor lighting

Comparisons in outdoor lighting

Turns out I didn't have any true browns. The Barielle on my index finger is more of a  watery consistency and not as rich in color, which you can really see in the indoor pic. The OPI on my middle finger I thought would be a closer match, but it is darker and leans more towards a blood red/deep burgundy. The pinkie finger is MAC which is more of a rust/bronze with subtle specs of gold.

It's a keeper. Now if only I had picked up the Rouge 18 as well. For some reason I thought I already had that color.  

Which airport has impressed you the most with it's shopping selections?  For me it was in Korea. 

Vacation Mani- MAC Ocean Dip

I took these pics towards the end of my vacation. I had this color on my feet as well along with some tricked out nail art on my big toes courtesy of my manicurist. I initially wanted to go with RBL grunge for my pedicure but she persuaded me to go all matchy matchy. It really complimented my general happy and upbeat mood during my vacation.  It's such a fun color and I don't have anything similar so I'm glad I got it.

Do you usually use the same color for your hands and feet?