MAC Obey Me, Ocean Dip and Hangin' Loose

From left to right
  1. Obey Me
  2. Hangin' Loose
  3. Ocean Dip

I got an email from MAC with a free shipping promotion and used it to pick up some polishes.  These colors have been out a while, but they're new to me. :)

Obey me is from the Wonder Woman collection and is described as a red cream. Hangin' Loose and Ocean Dip are from the Surf, Baby! collection. HL is described as a dirty pink nude and OD as a midtone creamy aqua. I realy like the packaging for these polishes, especially the Wonder Woman design. I'm sure MAC got a lot of sales just off of the packaging alone. I like the whole theme polish collection idea. If they ever came out with a Jem line I would *die*.

  1. Pointer:  Obey Me 2 coats
  2. Middle finger: Hangin' Loose 2 coats
  3. Ring Finger:  Ocean Dip 2 coats
  4. Pinky: Bare nail no polish
I found the MAC desriptions to be dead on. I don't do my own nails( due to my previously mentioned hand eye coordination issues) but I did apply the polish myself for the pic above.  Obey Me and Ocean Dip were pretty opaque with one coat which is always a good sign to me. Ocean Dip might be a wee bit too bright for the office. I'd file it under my vacation mani category. Hangin' Loose after two coats was still very close to my bare nail. It has a slight shimmer which would probably be more pronounced with a third coat, but with two it was a perfect nude. I'm always pleased when I find a good nude for darker skintones. It's not a look I do often but I like having options when I do feel like it.

Pointer: MAC Obey Me
Middle: OPI Vodkar & Caviar
Ring: DIOR Rouge Altesse
This picture was very interesting to me. I applied these myself on the way to get my manicure. I knew I wanted to wear Obey Me this week, but before I left I checked my stash to see if I had a similar color... umm yeahhh.. I had several similar colors. You can't really make it out from this pic without going cross eyed but the pinkie finger (RBL Chinoise) stands out a bit because it's more of a tomato red. I thought the MAC Obey Me and the OPI Vodkar & Caviar were virtually identical. My manicurist felt the DIOR Rouge Altesse was a match for Obey Me. She felt they both were more blue reds and the OPI was more a candy apple red.

This is what they look like in the bottle:

This is my manicure this week with MAC Obey Me

So take aways... probably a good thing I passed on the new DIOR Rouge polishes and MAC Obey Me is not unique but it is a nice red with great packaging.                           


  1. Thank you! Maybe I should pair it with some Ruby Woo lipstick :).
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. @rmcandlelight:
    Thank you!. Coming from you that means a lot :)