L'Occitane Gommage Mains Minute and Creme Ultra Riche Corps

As I get older I try to streamline my spending to focus on products that I know work for me consistently. I am not one of those people that are loyal to just one brand across the board but I do have my favorites. When it comes to my skin L'Occitane has my heart. My favorites are the Ultra Rich Cream with 25% Shea Butter for the body and the Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream.

Product Description: Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream

Ultimate moisturizing comfort, with a high (25%) concentration of Shea Butter. A pampering, whipped cream enriched with linseed, mallow, sweet almond and honey extracts, apricot oil and vitamin E. Fast-absorbing; non-greasy texture. Enchants with a light fragrance of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences, caressing body and mood wherever your day takes you.

I have very dry sensitive skin, and the cream gives me the moisture I need without an overpowering smell or that strange non smell that you sometimes get from some of the prescription grade unscented moisturizers. In fact when I reapply the hand cream which comes in a very convenient purse size, I always get asked what I'm wearing. I've been told that on me it smells light, fresh and clean by both guys and girls.

Several months ago while in store, a salesperson offered to do a demonstration on their new One Minute Hand Scrub. I was hesitant at first as I didn't see the need for a separate scrub just for the hands. Boy was I wrong, the results were immediately noticeable right there in the store. My hand felt noticeably softer and the fine lines were visibly reduced in ONE MINUTE... This type of product will not appeal to everyone as the consistency is grainy/oily and can be a little messy. It comes with a small flat scoop that you also use to mix the product as the oil  in the product will settle to the bottom. It is something I only use about once a week but it makes a difference. I have had the scrub for several months now and still have quite a bit left. I noticed it's not on L'Occitane's list of online products so I hope they haven't discontinued it.

This is my right hand shortly after washing my hands without applying any type of moisturizer. In this shot I can see that my skin is dry, slightly ashen with visible fine lines.

And ONE minute later after using the handscrub I think the difference is noticeable.I generally use this product at night, and when used regularly in combination with the L'Occitane Shea Cream my hands are  incredibly smooth and soft.

A 7oz jar of the Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream retails for $40 and lasts me about two months. A little goes a long way. I no longer have the receipt for the One Minute Scrub but if memory serves the price was comparable to the body cream.

Rescue Beauty Lounge-Pepto Pink

I LOVE nail polish. As a young girl I was not allowed to wear nail polish. At first due to my school's rules and later due to rules of my parents. As I got older, around the mid teens my peeps lightened up and I started on my lacquer journey.  Perhaps due to my late start, but most likely due to my shaky hand eye coordination skills I was never able to do a decent manicure on myself. I had girlfriends that could do their own nails in about ten minutes easy. Alas, not me. I vividly remember starting at night, taking my time, having to go back over to clean up the edges, then giving my nails about half an hour to dry, only to wake up with smudges and sheet marks. I kept trying and stumbled upon a trick that I used for years. I would use a coat of glitter polish as my last step to camouflage my mistakes.

When I started working at 16, I started getting my nails professionally done. From 16 to about 19,  I went through a long acrylic with occasional nail art :) phase. From there right around the time I started working professionally I went into a pink and white acrylic phase, which worked for me for a couple years because it provided a consistent polished look for work.  After a while though I missed the different colors and realized that the process involved in getting the acrylics would eventually damage my nails. So I stopped and started looking for a manicurist who could do a regular manicure. It took many tries and several years before I found that person.

Nowadays I get my nails done weekly and I always bring my own colors. I wear my nails very short now  and I am partial to cremes that are opaque on the first or second coat. I found out about the brand Rescue Beauty Lounge from reading the popular nail blogs.  RBL makes a good product that applies and wears well. My manicurist loves it. I do still have some glitter polishes, but I can't say the last time I wore one. After one time comes another..

Tory Burch Wedges

I've always loved wedges for the height without the pain factor, but until I found these the wedges in my wardrobe consisted mostly of casual espadrille types. I can't remember where or when I first saw a Tory Burch wedge but I'm sure it was love at first sight. The pictures above show my collection as of today. I find them to be comfortable, well made and true to size. I also like that I can dress them up or down. I started of course with the black pair, then the silver and recently added the tan and blue and white pair. The black pair are the workhorses of the bunch as you can tell from the scuffs in the pic. I am looking forward to wearing the navy ones this summer with jeans or maybe some white/khaki linen pants.

  1. Sally 2 Peep Toe(Black) - heel height 2 1/2 inches 
  2. Julianne Foil (Silver) Wedge- heel height 4 inches    
  3. Carnell Peep Toe in Royal Tan- heel height 4 inches 
  4. Navy/White Elastic Wedge Espadrilles- heel height 4&1/2 inches   
The purchases were spread out over time. When I factor in the cost per wear I have already received my money's worth.

Look Ma I started a blog :)