This is what I wore

Shirt: GAP
Scarf: Target
Jeans: Lucky
Shoes: Tory Burch Wedges seen HERE
Bag: Michael Kors Satchel seen HERE

      .. on the day I dropped by my sister, who was in town for Christmas break, at the unseemly hour of 9:30am.

There's something about stripes and flowers that I've always loved. They are one of my all time favorite combinations. This outfit got a thumbs up from my little sis which is how I ended up taking pictures in her hallway. 

I like reading outfit of the day posts on other blogs. There are some pretty fashionable ladies out there in the blogosphere and I enjoy seeing how they construct their outfits and express their personal style. In my head I like to think that my style is simple, classic, with a pop of color. In reality it's probably more like a whole bunch of black and white with the occasional colorful scarf. I've been in somewhat of  a style rut this year and I'm trying to shake it off so I can do better. I've started by trying to introduce more color to my wardrobe. If I get another pair of black pants I've given instructions to those close to me to put me down.

I'll keep posting some of my outfits here, but be forewarned, unlike those flawless fashionistas out there in blog land, I get bloated, my clothes wrinkle and they occasionally unflatteringly highlight my wonky bits(you know what those are, we all have them).


Mani of the week- Dior Apparat

I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. I had my fill of family, food, fun and marathon viewing sessions of  season one of The Walking Dead.

Dior Apparat was the second color I got from recent the Dior holiday collection. The other color I got was the Dior Merveille seen HERE. I love the way the color looks in the bottle. I'm wearing two coats in the pics above. I'd describe Apparat as a red-rust color. I can't think of anything similar in my collection. It's one of those colors that I think would work on any skin tone and for any season.



Just a little reminder

Congrats to everyone that was able to take vacation this week. I will likely be grinding away until night rolls in today, but such is life. Sometimes you're the pigeon and sometimes you're the statue. Next year God willing, this statue is taking Christmas week off. With such a hectic week it was great to come home to the gift box above.

 I wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Yours truly will be starting hers off with a manicure `(o:)`


Look who's wearing lipstick....again

So I was trying the lipstick thing again. This time I got some help from an excellent make up artist, Mercedes at the Chanel counter. It's just my luck though that she's a travelling regional rep and was just visiting my local store. I got her card, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that if I need her again I can find her.

I'm a fan of Chanel nail polish but I hadn't tried their lipsticks before.  Everything above was on the recommendation of the rep Mercedes. I told her about my general comfort zone when it comes to lipstick colors and explained that it wasn't something I wore often so I wanted an every day, natural looking color and then something a little bolder for the days I want to be noticed :). 

From left to right, same as pic above:

1. Chanel Precision Lip Definer: Roux-Sienna 03
2. Laura Mercier Lip Glace: Mauve Plum
3. Rouge Coco: Lune Rousse 36
4. Rouge Allure Lip Gloss: Insolence 57

Chanel Lip Definer Roux-Sienna 03

Chanel Rouge Coco Lune Rousse

Chanel Rouge Coco Lune Rousse with
Roux-Sienna lip definer

Chanel Rouge Coco Lune Rousse layered with
Laura Mercier Mauve Plum shown in
pics above and HERE

The Rouge Coco in Lune Rousse is what she picked out for my bolder color. It felt really smooth and moisturizing on and it had a nice scent. In the store she layered it with a gloss that looked similar to the Laura Mercier Mauve Plum that I already had at home and I loved the look.

Rouge Allure Lip Gloss Insolence 57

Rouge Allure Lip Gloss Insolence 57

The Insolence 57 lip gloss was the pick for the every day color. It took some convincing, because in the tube it looked hot pink and I didn't think something that bright would work with my coloring. It turned out it blended in with the natural pigmentation on my lips and gave me the natural but not bare look I was going for.  

The thing with me and lipstick is I'll buy it wear it for a good two weeks and then the mood passes.  I'm trying to do better.



Mani of the week- Rimmel London Stiletto Red 375

Rimmel London Stiletto Red 375

As we get closer to Christmas I find that I'm leaning more towards the reds in my collection. I've had Rimmel Stiletto Red for a while but don't remember ever using it. I know for sure the bright color and the square bottle are what caught my eye.

On my monitor the pics above have a slight orange tinge. In person I think the color is more of a true candy apple red.  I'm wearing two coats in the pics above.  I can't think of any of the polish brands I use regularly that had a signature holiday red. I know Chanel had Pirate but that was a re-release. The trend this year seems to have been more metallics. I would have loved to have seen something bold, bright and deep. A fa la la la type color. In fact I think fa la la la would be a great name for a holiday polish. I'm off to google whether somebody already thought of that.

Have a great week.


Max Moments

I've always loved looking at pictures and taking pictures. I have NO formal training in photography but that's never stopped me from snapping away. I've always had some type of point and shoot which I think gave me some decent shots.  I wanted to start taking different types of  pictures and trying out different effects, so this year I upgraded and bought Max.

I've been taking some pics with Max around my hood and I'm thinking about maybe taking some type of a class, but I haven't committed to anything. I'm still playing around with the different modes and trying to see how much I can pick up on my own. I'm having a lot of fun! My 9-5( who works those hours?) is very left brain oriented, so it's been great to have an outlet for my creative side. I consider this blog an exercise for my right brain as well, so I've decided to share some of the photos I've taken here.

In the first pic below I was pretty far away testing out my 55-300mm lens when all of a sudden I saw this couple in a very passionate embrace in my view finder. I reduced the zoom before taking the shot to preserve their modesty.  Man, now I know how the paparazzi get the scoop on these celebrities. No worries though yours truly will be sticking to landscape and scenery shots.  Basically nothing that would get me sued, arrested or kicked in the face.

She said YES!

Violet Cypher

Fire Dancer

Smokey Eye

*Please do not republish photos or content*


Mani of the week- Tom Ford Carnal Red

The mani for this week is Tom Ford's Carnal Red.  When I tried it out first here I was underwhelmed. I decided to give it another shot this week.  It's a jelly like very reflective color. I'm wearing two coats in the pics above.

I still don't know if carnal is a good description for the color, but it is growing on me.  I'm sure the compliments I've received in the couple hours since I've had it on have helped.  All in all I think it's a good color for the holiday season and I'm glad I gave it another try.  


Yves Saint Laurent Holiday Nail Trio

From left to right:

La Laque No 128
La Laque No 126
La Laque No 127

Index finger: La Laque No 126 - Black Bronze
Middle finger: La Laque No 128 - Black Indigo
Ring Finger: La Laque No 127 - Black Lapis

This YSL holiday collection contains three colors that come packaged in a cute box and YSL pouch. The bottles are smaller than the regular YSL polishes. The regular YSL polishes are .33fl oz. and the bottles in this collection are .2fl oz.  With names like Black Bronze, Black Indigo and Black Lapis it should come as no surprise that these colors are very dark and rich. 

I'm only wearing one coat of each color in the last pic above.  I think that although all three of the colors are dark it's clear that you're not wearing black nail polish. The Black Bronze is everything I wanted the Chanel Peridot to be. The Black Lapis to me is the beautiful child from the union of  YSL Wintergreen and  YSL Midnight Blue. The Black Indigo is my favorite and I can't wait to wear it as a full manicure. Also did I mention how much I just love the YSL bottles. I'm a sucker for nicely designed bottles, especially square bottles.

I think this trio would be a great gift for the nail polisher lover on your list.(Especially if that person is you ). 


November Workouts

Omg it's December!!!! 2012 is barreling towards us, pedal to the floor, taking corners on two wheels mowing down anyone and anything that's in its path. Move get out the way people, time waits for no one. I refuse to panic(at least not yet).

I started writing down my workouts this year in April and now we're in December. It doesn't feel as if seven months have passed but they have. To recap November, I added a Cardio Strength class to my line up of exercises. This is a class where the instructor using free weights, a stepper, and a stability ball takes the class through different upper body, lower body and ab exercises at a fairly fast pace. My Pilates practice was pretty much the same as usual except for the week I had to travel.  In the third week of the month I had a good three day run where I tried to ease back into a yoga practice. I also spent more time on the treadmill this month than in months past. 

My goals from the priors months were four hours of cardio a week, 2 Pilates classes and 2 strength training sessions a week. I was not quite at four hours a week with the cardio but I was close. I know the Pilates classes could be considered strength training classes but that's not what I had in mind when I set my goal so I'm giving myself a DNM on that one. I'm not too upset though because I lost five pounds this month. I think the extra time on the treadmill and the cardio strength class had something to do with it. 

My goals for next month are to:

1. Try a hot yoga class
2. 4 hours/cardio, 2/Pilates classes, and my Achilles heel- 2/ strength training sessions/week

April-May Workouts                            June Workouts                     July Workouts

August-September                                October workouts


Mani of the Week- Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pizzicato is from the latest collection of RBL polishes. I think it's just as beautiful in the bottle as it is on the nails. What say you?

I'm wearing two coats in the pic above. The lovely lady that did my nails, really liked this color. She asked me to use Pizzicato for my mani again next week. I jut might do that :).


Hair shots

This is a typical updo for me. When my hair is up like that I get the most questions about it.

Top 3 questions/sample conversations:


    The curious(TC) :           How long does that take?
    Me:                                 Excuse me?
    TC:                                 That(swirly point towards my head). That looks like it would take forever.
    Me:                                 No not really.  
    TC:                                 So how long does it take?
    Me:                                 Umm if I had to guess probably about 10 minutes.
    TC:                                 Nahhh.  No way that's done in 10 minutes.
    Me:                                 You mean the style?
    TC:                                 Yeah the swirly thing.
    Me:                                 Yep. It's pulled back into a ponytail and the ends are wrapped around
                                           and tucked in.
   RS:                                  Pause( wherein I assume they're trying to picture what I just said).
   RS:                                  Well it sure is different/interesting/pretty/cool/complicated looking/nice
   Me:                                  Uhh thanks. Are you done with that basket?  :)


Random Stranger(RS):    Does your neck hurt?
Me:                                  Huh?
RS:                                  Does your neck hurt you know with all of that....
Me:                                 Uh no I'm fine thank you :)
RS:                                  ...umm I like it.
Me:                                  Thanks :)


The doubter(TD):          Is that all your hair?
Me:                                Yep
TD:                                 I mean like the whole thing.
Me:                                 Si :).
TD:                                 Even the inside part
Me:                                 :) Uh huh
TD:                                 Mkay(squint, side eye)?         
Me:                                 Umm, where can I find the SD cards?    
TD:                                 At the front(still squinting and side eyeing)
Me:                                 Thanks.                                         

For the record I feel that if you want to know you should ask :)



Mani of the Week- Rococo Lab Nude 6.0 Satin

 Although I love wearing bright colors, every now and then I get the urge to wear something nude/natural. It can be tricky finding the right shade of polish to achieve that nude look with my darker skin tone. Some of the light beiges and taupe like colors etc. are unflattering on me, like the Chanel Particuliere mani below:

so I'm always on the look out for a good nude polish. I love, love, love Rococo Nude 6.0. I love how opaque it is. I love how it looks and feels silky and creamy. I just can't say enough great things about it. Then there's the beautiful packaging. Check out that box!
Rococo polishes can be found in Bloomingdales that have a Space.NK.apothecary and online HERE.


Holiday List 2011

Image from HERE

Image from HERE


Image from HERE

STOTT PILATES®   Fitness Circle® Conditioning Kit
Image from HERE

Image from HERE
Image from HERE

Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar: 100 Dairy-Free Recipes for Everyone's Favorite Treats
Image from HERE
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule
Image from HERE

Bubble necklace
Image from HERE

Michael Kors
Image from HERE

Best Of L'Occitane Set ($104 Value)
Image from HERE

Christian Lacroix Boxed Notebook Set
Image from HERE

2012 Botanical Wall Calendar
Image from HERE

My family keeps it simple during the holidays. Half of us send out a list of things we would like, and the other half just wants a new pair of what they received the year before. There is no Black Friday midnight madness or Christmas Eve last minute shopping for us. Over the years we've spent all the time we saved by planning ahead, watching back to back episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Law and Order SVU, The Good Wife, Luther etc. discussing ways we could improve the environment, reduce the national debt and global warming. 

I am part of the list making half of the family(big surprise I know ), and I try to get my list out before the end of November. My holiday lists can generally be broken down into the following categories:  fitness, things that smell nice, useful things that look pretty and books.

How do your families handle the holiday gift exchange? Any list makers? What's on your list for this year?