Barcelona: Summer 2014: Park Guell

Scarf: Target
Top: Target
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Coach

Hello.  How was your weekend?  Too short you say. I agree.  And sadly, my summer vacation feels like it was ages ago. I think I need to put up some of my Barcelona pictures around my place to get me back into that vacation state of mind.

The pictures above were taken at Park Guell(pronounced "Gway"), a thirty acre garden designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Here you'll find great views of Barcelona and beautiful trails perfect for aimless wandering and selfie taking with Gaudi's colorful, eclectic designs as a backdrop.

One of the things I wished  my city had was more parks. There is just something about a beautiful, shared open space that I love. My favorite cities, London and Paris have great parks and Barcelona has been added to my list.

Park Guell is on my list of places to see if you ever find yourself in Barcelona. Pack a picnic, a good camera, comfortable shoes and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week !

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Scarf: Zara in Barcelona
Top: Express
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Nordstrom - Trouve Tilly Pointy Toe Bootie
Bag/Sunglasses: Burberry

Hello. I hope you guys are doing well. I have one of those weeks ahead of me where there's no way out but through one breath at a time. 

In the pictures I'm wearing a scarf I picked up at Zara in Spain during my trip. Even with the exchange rate the price could not be beat.  I've been on a scarf kick lately. The longer and the brighter the better. A friend told me the other day that scarves were my signature accessory.  I've never thought of myself as having a signature anything, but how you see yourself and what other people notice about you are usually not the same.  I'm trying to pare down my closet (more on that later) to just the basics so developing a signature look sounds appealing.  

What about you? What are some of your signature accessories, scents, looks?  

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Barcelona, Spain: 41.3833° N, 2.1833° E

Top: Target
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Coach

"I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world. "

This was my first time in Barcelona but it definitely won't be my last. The city is a great mix of old and new. It's well laid out and easily accessible via metro, foot or cab. The people were friendly, the weather was perfect and the architecture was amazing. 

These pictures are from the Port Vell(Old Harbor) area on my first day exploring the city. It turned out to be one of my favorite spots.  In Port Vell you'll find a marina, cinema,  restaurants, cable cars offering magnificent views of the city and both tourists and locals sunbathing, cycling and people watching while enjoying the breeze. 

One visit does not qualify me as an expert but if you find yourself in that part of the world I have a few suggestions: 

1. Take the metro- It's efficient, clean and cheap(there's a 10 euro metro card that you can buy that gives two passengers 10 trips each. 

2. Leave room in your luggage for the things you are going to buy- Barcelona is a shopper's paradise. High  end, low end, in between, it's all there. Even if you are not a shopper you'll find yourself picking up a few things. Trust me on this. 

3. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish- They don't either I kid, I kid. They do, but they also speak Catalan which most locals will tell you is the official language in their heart.  You'll find English spoken just about everywhere but I always suggest learning some key phrases and trying to communicate with the locals in their native tongue when travelling. I was there for one of Spain's world cup matches where they lost badly and let's just say that some phrases are universal :)

4. Do go to the Picasso Museum - I took music appreciation instead of art history in college because I'd played an instrument for years and I wanted an easy credit. I have difficulty writing in a straight line on unlined paper, and my ability to distinguish red from orange and sometimes pink is up for debate. Yet, even I was able to appreciate the brilliance of Spain's native son.  It took me about an hour and a half to get through the museum. The last 15 minutes were spent in the gift shop(See #2). For you art buffs the museum's focus is on his earlier works. If you time it right and you don't mind waiting in line it's free the first Sunday of every month. For the rest of the days you can buy your ticket online ahead of time and skip the line. 

More pics to come soon. As always thank you for stopping by and commenting. Have a great week! 

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Fun In The Sun

This pic is only here because I realized that I didn't have a shot of my shoes.  It's not the best shot, but just know that they were snake print pumps and completely inappropriate for gallivanting in the park in a floor length maxi dress near salt water. 
Jacket: The Loft(old)Dress: H&M/  Similar here Really liking this one hereShoes: Tory Burch(old)Sunglasses(Kate Spade)

We are back from our summer vacation here at ofthecomely and we are feeling some kind of way about it. Everything went well and it was a great trip. I'll post about it soon. 

Thank you to all who participated in the giveaway, and a big welcome to all of those new to the blog.  The winner was Simply Chic. Congrats seƱora!  Wear it in good health. 

My plan this week is to catch up on all of your blogs, do laundry and finish book three in the Song of Fire and Ice series.  There's still about two months of summer left so I'm pacing myself  :) 

See you next week. 

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Work Hard. Play Hard

Purse: Coach Legacy Pebble XL Drawstring
Carry on: Travelpro Hardside Spinner
Shoes: Puma Kids Roma Basic Jr.

We here at ofthecomely are off in search of the ever elusive work life balance. If we find it and it fits in our carry on we'll bring it back.  In the meantime check out some of our travel posts here and here . 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week! 

P.S. We have decided we are going to try to tweet while we are away. We haven't really mastered it stateside yet so it should definitely be interesting. 

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Giveaway *** Hooray***Giveway: J-Crew Factory Statement Necklace

Well here goes something.

What is supposed to happen here is that one of you lovely people who have taken the time to follow this little corner of the interwebs here at ofthecomely will get the opportunity to win the necklace pictured below. And, we(me, myself and I) here at ofthecomely get to find out what you've enjoyed reading.

The necklace was purchased with my pesos. I wear mine regularly as it is one of my favorite pieces.  I hope the winner will enjoy it as much as I do.

So if everything goes as planned the winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter. I'll announce the winner here on the blog. That person will have three days to email their information so the necklace can be mailed to them. If there is no response within three days a new winner will be chosen. I'd love to see how you styled it but no pressure.

Finally, ofthecomely has joined Twitter. Let me know what your twitter handles(that's what the kids still say right) are in the comments.  I know Twitter has been around for years, but we are taking baby steps here....very small baby steps. If you see us on Twitter doing something wrong please feel free to let us know. All we ask is that you use your inside voice :).

Have a great week. Good luck to all!

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YSL Ambre Gingembre 44, YSL Feuille D' Or 47 & YSL Safran Sultan 42

 Ambre Gingembre 44, Feuille D' Or 47 and Safran Sultan 42 were part of the YSL La Laque Couture Spicy Collection for Spring 2014. The internet tells me however,  that Feuille D' Or was a re-release from the holidays. I got my set online from yslbeautyus where they each retailed for $27/.34 fl oz. They appear to be sold out on the website at this time.

North African spices were reportedly the inspiration behind the colors. I can definitely see that with Safran Sultan 42 pictured above.  I'm wearing two coats and a salon top coat in all of the pics and found drying time to be normal. 

Ambre Gingembre, which I'm guessing is amber ginger reminds me of  paprika more than ginger. It was my favorite of the three colors, and the color I got complimented on the most. I'd describe it as a creamy, rusted orange. 

Both colors wore like iron. The pic above is day 8 of my Ambre Gingembre manicure. It was the same with Safran Sultan which I wore for a full seven days with minimal tip wear.  

I added the Feuille D'Or 47 to my Ambre Gingemnbre mani to prolong it a couple more days. As you can see it's a glitter polish. I'd be the first one to point out that glitter polishes aren't particularly unique. However, the size and shape of the gorgeous golden flecks of Feuille D'Or made it a must have for me. 

Here's a close up shot of the beautiful, chunky glitter of Feuille D'Or 47.  They look more like pieces of gold foil that have been cut into a small beautiful pattern than your basic glitter to me. 

I have to say that I've yet to be disappointed by aYSL laquer. The concepts behind the collections are well executed, the colors well pigmented and the formula easy to work with. I'm looking forward to their new collections.

In other news. Guess who is having a giveaway this week. That's right! I finally googled how to do it and I think I figured it out. I tell you I love the internet!

See you next week ! 

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